VIABLE Adobe CC Alternatives

Yeah, I specifically use Gnome or Budgie with mutter on the Cintiq MSP when running it from my UEFI-WUBI install. good touch support with libwacom

Cant stand mutter myself, but it’s a personal taste thing.

Mutter on wayland was the only thing that would (and still does) consistently break my touchscreens. Kde on wayland would at least disable them instead of freaking out and spamming phantom inputs.

I should clarify, mutter on xorg, not wayland. :^)

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I would put both Quark and Scribus as close. Other might disagree but I can’t say for sure as I don’t have encyclopedic knowledge of any of them in their most recent forms.

Quark back in the day was one of the real big players in publishing, so it has pedigree just after the years they have not kept the same level of care it would seem.

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Publishing’s an insular and risk averse field, legacy probably matters there, at least in some places.

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rumor has it gnome’s gonna be the first DE to drop xorg support

which means either orphaning budgie/cinnamon or they’ll drop it too

also w/b skylux

Hmm, I guess I would call both Aurora HDR and Luminar from Skylum stop gaps or close for Lightroom.

They both can be used to do some decent color grading and Aurora actually has its own thing going for being able to merge multiple exposures into one HDR image.

Oh, for anyone that liked Bridge, Luminar also kinda replaces that functionality of having a Library and batch processing. Though I guess Lightroom also does that.

The more I go back and forth I about Luminar specifically it’s at least a close. It wins some and it loses some. The biggest thing I’d pay attention to though is just how much they are apparently listening to users and how much the 2018 version was considered an improvement. Drop in soon? Maybe.

steinberg nuendo is on par with pro tools for drop-in DAW replacement for audio post for video

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oh yeah! totally forgot about nuendo. Haven’t touched it in ages. Thanks

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btw yall fact checking on the nontrial free versions and platform exclusivity would be appreciated

oh shit:


Pinned for, for ever. Because why not.

Yeah I read that one just a few hours ago. I forget how long ago it was but they first removed the ability to download the old versions, now this. It’s ridiculous. Especially for those that got the one time purchase for any of the master collections or something before CC was rolled out. I know some people even prefer some of the older version like 4 for flash or 6 for a lot of the others.

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Pretty sure you could say there’s going to be a torrential deluge of outrage over it

I mean who in their right mind would align with adobe’s vuze here.

Resorting to blocking transmission of a perpetually licensed product, and then not one bit of mercy? come on now.

Also, this announce is a bad PR magnet.

Truly hope the media acts as a decent tracker as developments come to light on this.

Eventually people are going to sow the seeds of discontent with them


It’s going to slowly erode their business

Till they’re sucked dry, leached out husks of the once great creative empire

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Photoshop CS6 is barely any different from what is current. Has been like that when I had it, was the same when I sold it (at the same price I got it for btw. muhahahaha) and even today most users would be fine running that seven year old version.

Yeah this is becoming the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

I’m already pissed and ready to preach.

Yeah thats exactly why it’s so ridiculous. Forcing CS6 users into a CC subscription or get threatened with a lawsuit by a third party? WTH.

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god forbid they fix longstanding problems or optimize it

I dropped premiere as soon as I heard the announcement because I was afraid that it would do online callbacks and stop you from editing in places with no internet, and I was proven right.


Seriously, that happened? WTF? How is this garbage company still considered industry standard?