Vega 56 Running Hot over 80C Every Game, possible artifacting?

So it is my semi quarterly forum post! I feel like I get the best answers from the Level1 community.

So I bought an openbox Strix Vega 56 from Microcenter a week ago. So far I’d say game performance across every game has been pretty awesome when compared to my MSI RX 480.

However I keep getting an alert the GPU is hitting 80C consistently, every hour or so. It hits that mark in Watch_Dogs 2 more often than not. I’ve read elsewhere, Vega is just a hot card over all. The thing that has me worried this card might be bad, and the reason for it being returned in the first place. I’m running into some artifacting blinking in Watch_Dogs 2. Almost as if the card is running too hot when the game is running. I’ll post a video or screenshots once I have it captured. Thoughts anyone?

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It can go to 90C without issue

drop the stock voltage to like 1150, or 1100 and drop clock slightly.

An unstable core/memory is the only thing that will cause artifacting, not it’s temperature, probably return the card if it’s showing artifacting.

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It’s due to poor thermal pad contact, as detailed here:

Descriptions in the actual album itself.

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Thanks @Streetguru. Yeah I’ll get full specs and the video up once home. I know the large geometry texture type is artifacting. this is more like blinking spots only on the left side. So I don’t know what to call it. Particle fail? Idk GTA 5 and Dishonored have been playing like champs.

I did do a visual inspection before buying. I’m hoping it was not a mining card prior.

Even more reason to return it

@Screamapillar a new card is like $420 right now, comes with star control origins and 2 other games free

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Welp here it is. 420, HOW!? I Everywhere else showed at 500-559 bought this at 415

Asus X370-F
Strix Vega 56
Ryzen 1800x
Case Meshify C
(Dunno how much of an impact that really makes.)

Are you in the US?,%20LLC--na--na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

Yes I am. I was going to move away from Sapphire because their RMA site is a joke from 1998, and follow up is worse. Strix is at 500. Maybe Asus screwed the pooch on this one.

I’m sure sapphire’s RMA is fine man

XFX also has one around the same price on newegg I think

It sure as hell wasn’t fine 5 years ago.

So I’m an idiot when it comes to graphic oddities. Is that artifacting from what I posted?

It’s some kind of artifacting, but if that card has known issues with artifacting just return it, why take any risk?

Also polaris 12nm may be coming, probably has close performance to Vega 56 at less power and lower price

That makes me sad. I just blew US$250 on a Vega 56. But, it ramps up pretty nicely with a Vega 64 BIOS. There’s still some room for tuning, but with the 64 BIOS it already runs pretty hot.

Still happens with undervolting, I would like @wendell thoughts on this, or others who can tell me what I’m seeing. Seems pretty bad with ubisoft 3rd person games. That consistent 80c with ubisoft bothers me a bit. I’m not quite able to find an official stance of what temp range should be at from Asus.

With further testing Watch_Dogs 2 seems to be the only game doing it. I was able to kind of replicate it by opening the escape menu and then closing it. While hot at 84c, I wanna say this is a software problem, but I can’t be sure of it. I wish I could find this same example no one else has seem to have posted with this same graphic artifacting. Maybe it is an ultra wide thing?

I have 2x Vega 64 reference and have never seen what you describe on stock clocks on either card.

I’d say there’s an issue with your card as per @FurryJackman

I run 2560x1080 ultra-wide.

80C is normal GPU temp This is the temp where vega56 are ought to run. These GPUs can even run at 90C. But as you are saying that you are being notified about gpu temp, that’s a worrisome situation.
by the way did you buy new card or it’s the old one.

If you’re running vega at or above 80c you are hurting performance as the HBM clock speed drops off a cliff at that temp.

Vega with its HBM is not like typical GPUs, and if you’re running it at 80c you are killing your performance.

From what I’ve seen on my Vega (MSI Air Boost Vega 56 w/V64 BIOS), the HBM clock speed doesn’t start throttling until it hits 85C. It may make a difference that I have Samsung HBM.

It hits over that consistently. Nothing I can really do about it. I’ve done a full clean on drivers since then.

GPUs are designed to run those temps under load. It isn’t an issue.