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Using Looking Glass to see video output of kvm vga passthrough on optimus laptop


Hello all,
I’m trying to use the Looking Glass software to help me display output from my kvm to a window so that I don’t need an external montior (thus keeping the portability of a laptop) and am running into some issues. The looking glass quick setup does not talk about using virt-manager and instead uses the qemu command line. I’m not sure how the qemu command line works and there seem to be no tutorials on how to set this up using virt-manager. In my research I started seeing that optimus cards can not even do VGA passthrough, so am what I am trying to do even possible? And if so, how do I do it? Are there alternatives that would achieve the same results with similar performance to looking glass?


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@Mirad as stated in the project brief, all Looking Glass usability/how-to questions should be asked in the triage thread.

I moved it there for you.