Useing a tv as a monitor?

useing a tv as a monitor?

should i use a hd tv as a monitor? and whats the difference between a monitor as a monitor and a tv as monitor because it would be convenient to switch between desktop and tv to watch tv when im bored

i was thinking about buying these

one for a monitor and the other int eh living room well my parents are paying

and what graphics card would i need to be able to run this beast as a monitor?

I was thinking about doing this too but I find alot of Tvs have higher response times. That is something I wouldnt want to deal with.... monitors own! If the monitor has low ms times I say go for it. But that site doesnt even list it.

lol its costco and my dad wants to buy from there scince its cheap and u save $600 when you buy both and my parents arent videophiles as long as its decent i am though lol though 46in seems huge for a monitor might get a smaller size like 30 inch

because i currently have a 19 inch not wide screen flat screen by lg the lg flatron with 2ms response time 3000:1 ratio

the resolution is 1920 by 1080... even a shit video card can run that...

you see, when people watch tv they watch it from far away

up close, it looks like shit.

I like using my HDTV as a monitor. I'm hooked up to my 32 inch Sharp Aquos. I like it. =]. It's a great TV, and for you, a pack of 2 1080P Aquoses, I think it's a good deal.

good god that's expensive. costco was selling a few of the samsung touch of color HDTV's.. i bought the 22" for $310 before tax, with a coupon that they gave me after i signed up for a membership ($330 after)

it's the most awesome tv/monitor i've ever bought.

yeah. but thats 32 inch. that looks good because most 30 inch monintors would look good at 1920 by 1080. but at like 40 or 50 inches it looks bad. how close to it do you sit snarling?

mine is more monitor sized than tv sized, but it was worth every penny.

Depends. I'm doing a dual display so my res is limited to my 19 inch monitor. I'm in front of my monitor, and I use my TV to watch movies and play games on every now and then. TV is like 7 feet away. Monitor is like 1.5 feet away. Resolution is at 1280x768.

yeah, that makes sense. if you were like 1 foot away from the tv i bet it doesnt look good when your in windows does it?

Actually it looks wonderful. o_o. It's completely clean/clear. It's just that my eyes start tearing from the brightness after 5 minutes of staring at 32 inches of HD that's sitting one foot away from me.

arg. fine. never mind then. i guess i failed at that one.

okay but how do i hook it up and switch beween desktop and like tv to watch ?

The problem with using a tv with... like 42" is that, it looks horrible when you get close to it, and its unreadable when youre at midrange from the tv. Sooo...

ok forget that its 42 inch how about like 30inch

plasma vs lcd? as a tv not a monitor?

Your television set must have DVI/VGA/HDMI input and your graphic card must have them as well. Find your television's highest native resolution (4:3//16:9///16:10)(1280x1024//1600x1200//1920x1080) respectively. If needed, set refresh rates to 60 and enjoy. It is not recommended to use a Plasma television set due to the shortening of life.

My dad hooks up my old laptop to his 42'' via VGA

Shit is awesome.

why cant the refesh rate be more than 60?

If the refresh rate is 120 Hz, it might drastically increase heat production, stress your TV and card, lower life, etc. GreenSLi (forgot your name, sorry X_X) I think they look fine. I connected my parent's computer with my old 86000 GT in it to their 42 inch 1080p samsung with a VGA cable. It looks amazing whether we're far or close.