Upgrading Fedora 25 to Fedora 26 - Fedora Magazine

Just do it !!!

I have already moved My laptop and my PC is going through the system upgrade now :slight_smile:


id rather just reinstall. have some reservations about upgrading like that from last time. bricked my install and had to start fresh


What I typically do is dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=26 and that way I can see if there are any conflicts. I do have tons of development stuff so I do check, but the last 2 24=>25=>26 have been pretty seamless. Key to note, ever since I removed my graphics card things are much smoother.


You wont have an issue unless you have some weird screwed up 3rd party repos installed or used fedy and royally screwed your system.

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Looks like MEGAsync and google-chrome are good to go from what I checked. Folkswithhats has been removed from my system, and is broken since I tried it on my laptop. I installed sublime-text-3 myself this time. cert-forensics-tools- is broken somewhat...

anyone done an upgrade using ZFS and or lxc containers

Backups, dd, snapshots, etc.

imagines a world without backups - literally shaking from fear

Hi there guys, did anyone have issues with the upgrade to F26? I'm not sure if I should wait a bit before upgrading as my system is happily purring along on F25

Have you used any 3rd party repos?

Yeah, some of them

What ones?

FusionRPM repos

Rpmfusion? You'll be fine upgrading. They've had F26 repos since the alpha

thnx :+1:

Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who want to upgrade a Fedora 25 Machine with ZFS to Fedora 26 you will need to uninstall ZFS after upgrade and reinstall and then enable all zfs modules. Spent thirty minutes trying to figure this out and ended up having to do this.

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