Fedora 26 Released

Hi all.

Fedora 26 Has been released.

You can check out the release announcement from the project lead here https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-26-is-here/

You can get it here https://getfedora.org/

And as someone literally posted about upgrading as i type this, you can get upgrade from 25 > 26 information here https://forum.level1techs.com/t/upgrading-fedora-25-to-fedora-26-fedora-magazine/117384

This release its pretty rock solid from what I've experienced the past month or so with the beta/alpha. Everything's got an extra layer of polish on it :smiley:


For every spin you may fancy:


KDE is recommended :wink:


I haven't been keeping up with Fedora as much as I should so I have some questions if you don't mind.
In your opinion how does it compare to 25 and also is there any major reason to upgrade vs staying on 24-25?

Man praise the one person who included the Flux like feature into Gnome. Will do an upgrade later on my laptop.

If it was only stable..

I tried the KDE Spin (F25) once live (from the ISO) and once on a dedicated SSD and in both cases the GUI froze or become unresponsive in other ways. Mainly while customizing the "task-bar".

So far (in the two hours I have used it) I only noticed subtle differences like cleaner icons and smoother borders, in the new version of GNOME that is.


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It's generally more polished across the board. Updated applications, improved back end stuff, improved package management, etc.

I've been quite happy with it. It works well, everything so far has worked without any issues.

If you dont need to wait for 3rd party repos to catch up i would suggest upgrading as it just brings good iterative improvements across the board. If you do need to wait, give it a month or so for other repos to catch up then upgrade. F25 is still in support for a while.

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Neat, is the Cinnamon version using wayland as display server that you know off?
Or is Wayland only pressent in Gnome and KDE?

Thanks for the reply, I suppose the only way to get a good feel for the differences is to take it for a test drive myself. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks again!

It doesnt look like cinnamon have started any work on that. I'll come once they do.

Yeah probablly not yet indeed,
since Cinnamon is a Linux mint thing.

I'm having to try really hard to find stability issues with KDE Plasma on arch right now.

Mostly it's just some missing functionality or other that bugs me, but there's not nearly as much missing as on something as cut down as gnome.

KDE Plasma 5.10 is somehow using less RAM than a fully configured XFCE system even.

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No good Wayland on anything but KDE & Gnome.
And there, there are serious driver problems with Nvidia drivers + wayland.

I read somewhere that Fedora 26 will simplify GPU passthrough. Any truth to that?

I think I might have some of them. Gnome shell crashes too much, and I have "just a feeling" that other freezes, etc. are happening because of nvidia. : (

Hoping 26 and gnome 3.24 fix some.

If not fall back to xorg. Its still there and an option at login.

oOOh, good advice! will try, thanks!

of course, if i could just get a mid-range AMD gpu… for less than $500…

I run a RX 480. Its flawless more of less.

Yeah i have read about those Nvidia driver issues with Wayland.
However i have an AMD gpu, and my laptops have intel igpu´s.
So i cannot really say much usefull about that.

Maybe it's related to Fedora or maybe it's just my combination of hardware, but it hasn't been working out for me so far. I might revisit it at one point, when I upgrade my hardware.