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UPDATE: GeForce Ampere cards (GA10x) rumored to support SR-IOV, will NOT, according to Ryan Smith from Anandtech

See here:

Pretty huge if we’ll finally get a consumer card that support SR-IOV!


Yeah, they’ve added another error code for SR-IOV.

Edit: Proven right.


This would be game changing if true; fingers crossed for proper driver support.


Yes, it would be amazing, but the realist/pessimist in me thinks that it’s too good to be true.

Let’s hope it is true, and that maybe it is because AMD plans to enable/expose this feature too [in Big Navi]? :grinning:


Does that mean that one could buy a RTX3090 and “partition” it so that a Windows VM which could have one huge vGPU assigned to it while having a smaller vGPU for the linux host?


Not sure about the partition part. But to be able to share a GPU between the host and the vm at all. Which right now you really cannot do in any meaningful way. Personally I would not even want to bother with allocating set GPU resources to the Windows VM. I would prefer if either (can) just use everything and it all just gets handled without needing to micro manage it / explicitly break it apart virtually.

Wendell has made a video about sr-iov in 2019


At least with Nvidia’s current vGPU software, you do partition off the vRAM, you can select how much vRAM each VM gets. IDK if they would do it differently with SR-IOV.

Overall with this, I am waiting for more verification. I suspect that there may be some miscommunication happening somewhere, and the SR-IOV support is only for the really high end Ampere, just like the vGPU has been in previous generations. I would be REALLY hyped if this is correct, but it seems too good to be true.

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If the RTX3090 gets SR-IOV it’d be pretty sweet. 18gigs to the gaming VM with a “RTX3080”-level vGPU and a 6GB “RTX2060”-level vGPU for the host.

(Unless this SR-IOV thing does not work like that at all.)

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AFAIK, their current vGPU software is not based on SR-IOV, so it may or may not be different.

People are forgetting Error 43. Kinda getting too excited when Nvidia has never officially clarified their stance on it or why they disallow it. They do this on both the Windows and Linux drivers. If it detects a VM, error code 43.


People are too excited about “big PSUs make sense” (hint: You don’t need 800W, yet) to remember Code 43.

Quote: “I’m told it’s enabled for all GA10x GeForce parts”
So yeah. No code 43. But no word yet on licensing.


I have heard that RTX 3000 series will have SR-IOV enabled on their consumer cards. Is anyone here talking about this? I think it deserves a video given the implications. KVM with integrated SR-IOV would be huge!

Yes, thread is here:

I could see them doing like limited to 1 host and 1 guest or something

It would be ankther stab at AMD Radeon, not only do nVidia reset properly (despite 43) but now have SR-IOV.

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never know if amd will have it too

Could do, but considering the reset stuff and how the shut up when people tried to help I would not hold out hope.

do they have any RDNA2 chips out yet tho? I mean is 5700/x the new stuff ?

No you’re right there but track records and expressions of interest for the features have fallen on deaf ears.