Tyler Wilde of PC Gamer Wants Us To Stop Calling Ourselves The PC Master Race

According to Tyler Wilde, 300,000+ people should stop enjoying a satire because he doesn't like it. Sorry guys.


She's shoots and she scores!

Fuck that smug PC gamer wannabe. I bet he couldn't even install RAM.

haha, what a dumb.

I have never really liked the title 'pc master race'

i have pc, i have a ps4, i have an xbox one, i have a wii u.... i have too much money :D

I use whatever I use to play whatever I want.

Seriously, a pc in the hands of a muppet doesnt make them an Übermensch

I bet his PC broke

You're right. PC gamer Master Race doesn't include every PC gamer. You can be a PC gamer without belonging to our Master Race. Just don't ask all of us to relinquish our title. We're enthusiastic about PC gaming and hardware. We've been learning about that stuff for years. We've invested a lot of money and time in that. So we deserve that satirical title and we want to keep it. And then this Tyler dolt comes along trying to look smart.

MS-Windows software console supremacists... LMAO...

satire? hardly, rather involuntary sarcasm...

I, I don't even.

<insert jackie chan meme here>

It's like he doesn't understand that the sub is a circlejerk filled with people who literally have nothing better to do.

I think he seems to have forgotten what the "PC" in "PC Gamer" stands for. It's not for politically correct, that's for sure.

The only people who think the PCMR people are serious are the console peasants. We aren't serious, we know we aren't the master race. It just so happens that it's better to play games on a PC than it is a console, unless it's a Ubisoft game, cause WTF....  /u/bennyk95


There are infact very few people who engage in the console war. What you see online is a gigantic echo chamber filled with 12yr olds. ~Totalbiscuit [context]

I don't mind the phrase and I believe that PC is a superior platform but I agree with you on the other points. I can afford a PC and the consoles that I can't emulate (X360, PS3/4) and I have tons of older consoles as well (PS 2/1, Dreamcast.) 

In the end I classify myself simply as a gamer and a PC enthusiast. People seem to get too caught up on the platform, or the controller, the useless gimmicks, the hype, the titles. Gaming is about that- games. If a particular platform has a game I want to play then so be it. I don't form an attachment to a piece of plastic and metal. 

If i have the option then I prefer PC but if I don't I don't care and I certainly don't yell at other people who prefer other systems. I'll try and correct some of the misconceptions they may have about PC gaming but thats it. 

Seems to be too much console bashing around the community lately. I need to find the thread but someone basically called another person an idiot and a moron for having a PS4 and using a controller on PC... That's not cool. There are idiots on all sides, just let people do what they want. 

His reasoning is ridiculous but honestly, I've never like the phrase in the first place. It has, and for the near future it seems, always been used with a negative connotation, invoking superiority and condescension. 


Even if it's not actually being used that way, most of the gaming community seems to use it that way (as far as I've been a part of, at least).


In the end this matter doesn't really move me any which way...PCGamer will continue with the their shenanigans, we'll continue being our awesome selves.

See, now THAT is funny.


Its like highly evolved monkeys calling normal monkeys peasants.


Unix / Linux = Master race

Windows users = evolved humans

Mac user = normal human with delusions of granduer.

Console users = Normal humans


.. we need to make a better chart of this so called pecking order.



Gotta love TotalBiscuit

I guess I'm just too dumb for Linux...

Yea sure. Let's stop calling ourselves that. Instead switch to "The Glorious PC Master Race"

To be fair every platform has their own purpose/intended use, so comparing them directly doesn't work. I personally don't know a single person who uses mac to game. I don't know a single person who uses a console as their daily facebook browser. They all have their purpose and to think one below the other seems rather arrogant.

don't take this comment too seriously :P

Well unfortunately Linux is no where near being the best gaming OS, though it has the potential to be it. So for gaming which is the main focus of the "PC Master Race" then yes MS is the standard and current best. 

I agree. I will.mess around with Linux but it makes no sense for me to use it as my daily driver. For what I do and the software I use Windows is the best. 

I don't really see finding a shit ton of workarounds or moving to different software with different workflow as superior...

Yup, this is not even about platforms as such, and there is no comparison between Linux and Windows. This is not about open source gaming nor about the linux console emulation gaming scene.

This is about commercial entertainment, and the way to consume it, and I find the whole PC Masturbates movement stinking of bourgeois triviality...

Totally agree.

The link in reddit has been removed... Got another? Also fuck that guy, he need to laugh a bit more and stop being so serious. Is this just a symptom of wearing a suit and have a "regular office job"? Do you just become easily offended and boring once you go office?