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Everything should be explained in this first video but tl;dw is I am turning 3 acres of grass into food plots that attract deer for hunting purposes.


Update on the shitty grass lot, the undesirable grass was brushhogged then tilled into the soil, seeds spread on the ground then packed into it and now stands beautiful food for deer to eat.

And they do in fact come to it

Bonus trash pandas

Bonus toad pic


What was planted after the grass was bush hogged?

Buckwheat, purple top turnips, alfalfa, several kinds of clover, some other things that I’d need to ask my dad for. They (rest of my family) planted all of this while I was at Quakecon.

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Building a shooting house/hunting blind today

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update on the big mess of wood pictured above


Is there a trap door in the floor?

Yes, I have treated wood for the permanent ladder, I’m gonna make that tomorrow.

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Small piece of polarized film will make those water shots a lot clearer.

Kewldude’s Adventures in Terraforming.

Cool project. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

The real question is - Did you guys got a deer from the project ?

not yet, seem em plenty, no shots though

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Neat stuff. Since you have the ground, have you given thought to making some reptile shelters? Basically layers of branches and small logs stacked on each other, with grass/sod piled on top, in places where there is full sun and seasonal ponds in a safe (no roads) direction. While not in any way economical or productive, they are easy to set up and kind of cool to observe.

Really have not seen evidence of reptiles here, although we do have several shelters for toads.

Thought of this thread yesterday

Grass got to a foot high before I had time and a rain free day to mow
Mowed a path along the tree line to start.
2 Wild turkeys come out and start walking along the path I just made.
Going to town on the bugs now exposed.

The were so intent on chowing down on bugs they ignored the mower till I was within 20 feet.

Also deer love the salt content along side the road, the salt from winter gets in the soil, gets in the plants.
Best of luck this season

after a week of 85f+ weather the soil is finally dry enough for the tractor to not get stuck so obviously the first thing was a bigger shooting berm

moved back about 30 yards and twice as wide as the original, trashcan for scale

before I left for work yesterday I took the backhoe off and replaced it with a box blade so my dad could make our sharp ditches that control water evacuation into more of a rolling low area (to be completed)
trashcan for scale

plants right now are a bunch of shitty grass that needs to be tilled but earth moving is more important


this is how the ditch is gonna get wider


getting rid of the weeds in preparation to plant this years food


That feeling you get when your proud of your ride on lawnmower and then you see a real tractor doing real work :sleepy:


dad finished tilling and cultipacking yesterday
fertilized today
seeds soon