Toying with the idea of purchasing a new monitor

So, I’m switching jobs and I’ll probably earn a bit more, which is why I’m toying with the idea of upgrading my computer.

Currently, I own a r9 390 and two 24" monitors (144Hz and 60Hz).
I’m torn between buying a 1440p 144Hz monitor and a 4k 60Hz monitor (both with FreeSync).
A 1440p would offer 144Hz and I wouldn’t be as susceptible to the GPU’s arms-race as with a 4k monitor. I was also looking for 144Hz 4k monitor, but apparently the one I was looking at (Acer Nitro XV3 XV273KPbmiipphzx, 27" (UM.HX3EE.P04) ) suffers from backkight bleeding (and costs 1k bucks).
Any otger suggestions?

As for the GPU, I might go for a Radeon VII and install a custom cooler or I’ll wait for Navi 20 (remains to be seen)…

If it was me, i’d go for the [email protected] rather than [email protected] Simply to get more desktop. Then again, I don’t have any games installed, so I wouldn’t get any real benefits from the 144Hz.

When it comes to the whole G-sync, FreeSync thing. It depends on what card you have installed. Jayztwocents has a nice video talking about the relationship between the frequency and the graphics card. I think he has some good points worth considering. From his video:

[email protected] = 713M pixels/sec 
[email protected] = 498M pixels/sec.
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I upgraded my tv from 1080 to 4k
Everything looks better
If you have a brick and mortar big box store I would check out some monitors in person.
Monitors tend to last longer the GPU’s and such


Thanks for the link, it indeed was interesting (even though I’m not overly fond of Jay^^). Apparently, there is also a noticeable difference between 60Hz and 144Hz when moving windows around on the desktop.

I’ve read that shooters profit the most from a higher refresh-rate, which would lead to me favouring a 60Hz display since I do not play shooters.

@anon85933304 This is exaclty the reason I don’t intend to save money on the monitor. However, I also do not intend to needlessly spend money…

The monitor I’ve mentioned above is this one:

An interesting 1440p monitor would be this one:

I know their prices vary greatly, but as mentioned above I’m a little undecided. Before purchasing one, I’ll definitely read a couple of reviews. (Suggestions are also always welcome :wink: )

Do you have any experiences with a 21:9 monitor?

I have a 21:9 1080p monitor as my primary display, I enjoy the extra width, but would love to have a bit more in height.

Been eyeing this one since it was released, but will end up getting a new one when we start seeing 8k panels. What I have does the job I need.

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It does indeed look nice and it even has Freesync :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, 1.2k$ is a bit too pricy for my taste. (Furthermore, a reaction time of 5ms is a bit high.)

I have used dual 24, 34" Ultra, 43" and 24" and finally my final form dual 32" 1440p pannels with 1/2 of 43" mounted on the wall or all if it if the wife isnt using it

Honestly dual 32" has been my favorite so far

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@mutation666 Nice setup you two have there

hehe, yeah, it is kinda pricey. 5ms is fine for me, spend most of my time in terminal anyways.

Can see my current setup here, until my primary, and the two 24" fails, I’m not going to upgrade.


Nice setup (yours is nice too @hem ). Probably, I won’t use a dual screen option this time - depending on how much I’m going to work at home this might change. So, a single 27" or 32" screen should be fine…

Anyway, any recommendations for a good 4k, freesync, 144Hz 1-2ms monitor? I know I’ll hit around 1k$, but I’d still be interested. Even though I may choose a 60Hz monitor in the end, I’d like see my options…

Concerning Radeon VII: Anyone here accomplished a cooler-mod, similar to the one shown on Gamers Nexus? I’m curious, because apparently AMD has chosen a rather awful cooling solution for this card (@noenken - haven’t you done a mod on your Vega 64? ).

Does not exist


You mean a good one does not exist, do you? Because as linked above, monitors like this do exist.

There is 1 4k pannel that’s 144hz but pretty sure gsync only atm also it’s like $2k,240000

Only 1-2ms is Acer

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This one offer 4k @144Hz and has Freesync. Unfortunately, it heavily suffers from backlight bleeding

Yep that’s only one atm

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Damn, well I’ll have to go with 60Hz then. Backlight bleeding would be way more annoying :frowning:

Why 4k? 1440 is pretty good and would give you some good options

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I know, I’m still a little torn but a while ago I was able to compare 1440p with 4k and I preferred the latter. Furthermore, I’m not particularly interested in playing shooters, where high fps (and high refresh rate) matters the most.
But then again, you may be right that 1440p offers more options and it would also go easier on my (new) GPU.

Concerning the GPU I’m also torn. Should I pick Radeon VII? Or should I wait for Navi 20 (possibly around 2020, because I assume Navi 20’s launch in 2019 will be a paper launch).

I know you’re not fussed with Jay, here you have a few screens that might be of interest to you.

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My Personal experience was, that 4k was usable from 32" and above. At 27" i found text uncomfortably small. Scaling isn’t an option unless you run OSX. Windows and Linux are bad at scaling.
I personally can tell the difference between 1440p and 4k on 27", bit it’s miniscule. Not to a point where i’d notice. Much less so at a distance i’d normally sit from a 27" Monitor.
IF i’d go 4k i’d go with that LG Monitor with 4 Inputs. Makes the space much more usable.

My personal priorities: 144Hz>1440p>Screensize>UHD>HDR

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I sure did and it is still going strong. :wink:

1440p is plenty resolution for any game. Put a 1440p one next to a 4k screen with the same game and set render scale to match the native 4k. There is no real difference. 1440p on 27" is the sweet spot for desktop gaming in my opinion. And since 144Hz IPS screens of that size have become very affordable, that would be my choice. … In fact it was. :wink:

I bought an Acer XF270HUA as amazon warehouse deal for 360,- Euro. Not a perfect display, has some glow in the corners in pitch black scenes. But for a gaming panel it is completely fine.