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Toying with the idea of purchasing a new monitor


Thanks again, I enjoyed the last video you posted so I’ll give this one a try as well. :wink:

@domsch1988: Thanks for the input :slight_smile: I’ll probably use scaling on Windows (or Linux) since 4k will be too small for my taste. Why exactly LG? By four inputs you mean four times display port for instance? Or am I getting something wrong? Do you prefer 144Hz in shooter games or do you notice it in other games as well? (Imho, it is slightly noticeable when moving windows around on the desktop.)

@noenken Your GPU is awesome? How easy/difficult is it to accomplish something like that? Usually I build my own PCs and I’ve also reapplied the thermal paste on my GPU, hence I wouldn’t mind disassembling it. Which parts are you using on this Vega?

I’ll give 1440p a second thought, especially since Freesync, 2ms and 144Hz are more readily available. That being said, I’m still leaning towards 4k^^.

Any experience with VA panels? I’ve read the colour on those is usually slightly better, due to much more accurate black values.
I’ve stumbled over the monitor below, which looks nice, but 300 cd/m² is a bit low for my taste…