Top Geek/Must have apps (no games)

so what apps (preferably Android and free) does not matter if it needs root as probably most Tek syndicate members have rooted their phone's
Are really cool interesting or outright fun?

And i mean tools gimmicks and other stuff but not games.

For me i add to this list:

Wifi Analyzer [FREE] (no root needed)


Mobile Gamepad [FREE] (no root needed)

please leave your suggestions down below
(better alternative's to suggested apps also)

{ps. make sure to delete the language after the link if you are not native english speaking for example example. delete NL so


I like CM browser for internet.

I don't use my phone for much...


You have a B-B-B setup. Beer, books and browsing.

As for me, I don't use anything fancy really. I absolutely love Inbox over the Gmail app(assuming you use Gmail) due to the priority and alert settings. Turning on snooze settings is nice, as is the light pulse option.

Outside of that, I use Nova Launcher Prime as my launcher because of its swipe functions. I am a minimalist, my screen has zero icons. I just have swipe functions to open the app drawer and other common tasks.

speed test
plumble free
wifi analyzer

are ones that I have.

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you are quick,
Thank you for the CM Browser app.
Did not know it existed. seems usefull

Showbox. if you want a free alternative to Netflix or Hulu.

link please?

it's not on the Android App Store. it has alot of popular movies and television shows for free to watch.

to download it, it require you to go into your settings and click on allow downloading applications from unknown sources

pretty cool, reminds me of infamous PopcornTime but on android

it's about the same. except alot of movies that are out in theatres eventually get put up on there before they come to DVD. and TV shows. new episodes get updated a day later after they are shown on TV

Like right now I'm catching up on the new American Horror Story season 5 that i missed out on.


Okay, let's go through my phone (iOS :| ) to see whats up:

FreeGraCalc (Graph Calculator) - I don't use the graphing features much, but it has the power to do that. I mostly just like how they made it simple, yet powerful. For free.

Evernote - It syncs everything you write to the internet. You can add words and pictures and even videos. Also have a Windows version which syncs to the same account. Good for random thoughts that come to your mind, or planning things.

Mathway - If you get lazy when doing homework or something. It answers pretty much any math problem for free, and if you pay, shows you the work. Might be good for checking your answer as well.

PhotoShop Express - Better than the standard camera app and instagram for editing photos on the go. If you want to add filters, flip/rotate, etc.

OOKLA Speed Test - It tests your internet speed. Works fine.

remoteMouse - I use this when I need to hook up my PC to a TV. It can control mouse using the touch screen and type using the touch keyboard as long as they use the same network. Way easier than trying to use a mouse and keyboard in your lap and tripping everyone just to watch a movie. Only downside is you have to go into the Desktop for it to activate, so have the keyboard with you at least to log in.

Google Maps - Arguably better than Apple's Maps app.

Steam - No games, but if you wanna look at games or stuff on steam it's alright.

Imgupr - Easily upload to Imgur.

Sybu Kodi - Basically a remote for Kodi(XBMC) frontend on an HTPC.

Modizer - Download and play those Amiga chiptunes and such from anywhere on the web.

NesMusic - If you like chiptunes, you can easily add a .nsf file from your favorite NES games. Then listen freely. Paid can get other systems like SMS Genesis/MD SNES etc.

SleepyTime - Basically, but on your phone, and with a better interface.

Habitica - A habit motivation app. It is like an RPG, you have HP and if you do bad habits you get hurt. Do good habits and you get HP and gold. Use gold to buy more armor and get steeds. It's alright.

Dropbox - You know what this is. Works just as well as on PC.

Finish - If you need to finish something by a dead line, this app is good. It will bug you sometimes about it and when it's urgent. Plus you get free coupons (most are redundant, but still.)

PIA VPN - It's alright, sometimes it doesn't work and the internet stops working. Just reset it. Easy to go in and out of the VPN. Need to buy the VPN service first, it's not free.

MediaConnect - If you have a DLNA media server, you can connect and listen to/watch it, for FREE! Supports most formats of music including lossless ones. I don't use it for video though, so I'm not sure about those.

IRC Cloud - Chat using IRC. Self explanatory.

Alien Blue - A reddit client. I actually liked iAlien better, except you can't see what you are typing during a text post.


oh, no! TOO MUCH Run while you can! I have mine Viper4Android is the shit.

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Nice list, to bad its iOS

I add Android Sensor Box to this list
So unbelievably use full.

DriveDroid, it lets you use your phone to mount ISOs as a bootable USB.

And connectbot, for SSH


Hmmm DriveDroid would be handy in School shenanigans :P

Ewww, all those Play links ...
Why are y'all using ROMS with Google Apps?



IMSI detector (identifies fake base stations to make you less vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks)

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Yep. Dad just got me the 5c (terrible haha) without asking. I mean I'm not complaining, just could've got a better phone for way less with a superior OS.

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  1. Since android uses crappy MTP protocol connecting it via USB to computer that does not even allow opening folders while one copy operation is in progress, I have installed "Ftp server" app that lets me browse its content in Windows (File) Explorer or transfer as many files as I want at the same time. I used to use Airdroid but this is much more convenient.

  2. Smart Unlock - does not display pin keypad when on home or work network

I just descovered the most amazing thing yet!