Top Geek/Must have apps (no games)

cause ain't nobody got time for F-Droid

Google Rewards - That way I don't have to ever pay out of pocket for apps.

I use opentrack for head tracking in elite dangerous, essentially you stick the phone on your head and use its sensors over WiFi or USB. It's pretty cool.

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The BEST (imo) app for project communication. Also has a desktop app for Windows, OSX, and Linux. I find that it's easier to just do it in your browser though, unless you're mobile of course.

Get paid yo. If homeless people had this, you wouldn't be able to use "sorry, no cash" as an excuse. Direct transfer from one credit/debit card to another, and no wait time (at least not any time that I used it).

I use a combination of AutoApps and Tasker to automate everything in my house... auto apps has free version but tasker is 3 $ I believe.

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+1 for CM browser, awesome android browser IMO

IP tools, love this so much.

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If This Then That: link and automate web services, phone and apps

Tasker: automate day to day useage of your phone and apps.

Those two apps will allow you to get lazier and any good geek is lazy. And they work with most other apps and services. Suprised no one recommended those. All the other good stuff is in this thread.

What kind of tasks did you automate? "Any good geek is lazy"... but are also introverts mostly and I am reading now all the social network things you can automate with IFTTT but most geeks are not that much into social networks either. I played with those in the past but "because I can" is often not good enough reason to do something.

I use it to geofence stuff so when I get home my lights turn on. I have shows scheduled on google calender to turn on my TV. If I upload something to evernote/dropbox it then uploads it to google drive and vice versa. When I conncet to my home wifi it unlocks my PC and phone. Tons of stuff you can do.

More reading on tasker:

Wigle's Android app:

Also available in F-Droid

You should try Playbox HD to watch free HD movies.
You can use Showbox app, Showbox for PC.
Get Skype Signup here, New whatsapp status using same trick you can use Whatsapp for Pc and Kik for PC too.

so many good apps :D

Remote for Open Broadcaster:

My go-to tuner. Metronome is decent, but not my favourite.

Another music-related one. ASD is the best tool for learning tunes. Been using it for almost ten years, first on PC/Mac, then iOS, and now android.

Lastly, an affordable and well designed VPN with support for everything from ios-windows-linux.

Did You try PlayBox Hd to watch free video content like sitcoms and stuff