To pirate or not windows?

I hope this is not a topic which is not allowed. If so, please let me know and i'll remove the post immidiately. 

But my question is, should I or not pirate windows? For a cheap build I have in mind, for obvious reasons, to save money. Is it worth it? What problems could I potentially face? Or atleast could it be temporarily. I tried looking it up, but I usually wound up in some lame forums mentionally just " you could get a virus " type of thing. 

Thank you! Any and all info is appriciated! 

You don't have to pirate Linux, just saying...

Some of the disadvantages of it:

updates are normally disabled

Trying to update it, could result in getting locked out of the system.

Much more malware prone

Some come with malware preinstalled

Other Microsoft software will not install.

I'd save my pennys and buy it.

I saw that coming from a mile away lol. I'm not the biggest fan of Linux, even though I took two semesters networking with Fedora. For gaming purposes atleast. I know I'll be facing alot of combability issues. But thats also a maybe for a temporary OS.

as long as you think you know what your doing there is no real problem with pirating a copy of windows. As mentioned by Hopperbus, you will run the risk of getting locked out of our system and getting updates is going to be an arse. Other than that there is going to be no problems with the copy. For gaming your not even going to notice what copy of windows you have.

A standard version of Windows 8 is dirt cheap. The "Pro" version is what you could scratch your head on but it is intended for anyone who wants to make full use of Windows. For example, any IT pros would want it if they would like to have remote desktop capability out of the box than downloading a 3rd party remote desktop software like Teamviewer. There are also a set of administrator tools like GPedit that would not be found in standard version of Windows. And I think Hyper-V is also included in 8 Pro but disabled by default.

Hyper V is in 8 pro? Hot damned I need to play with that.

I would say if you have the money buy it. But if you can't afford it pirate it. I have a pirated copy and i have had no issues when updating or with any malware.T Just be very carefull when do it and you might get one malware in it. If you do pirate it run malwarebytes right after you install.

To correct what I posted it is available on 8 Pro but as I said, it's disabled by default. It can be found under Turn Off/On Windows Features.

Just watchout for windows update 


Look the microsoft devs are good people and there just trying to make some honest money.

How ever if you want a ea product YOU MUST PIRATE IT IS THE ONLY WAY.


Thanks for brining it to my attention. I uninstalled it made sure it won't get back in.

So don't buy AMD cards since the never settle bundle benefits EA?

Mind sharing with me where you got your copy from? Thanks

Install a legit version and use an authenticator, or does that not work for windows 8? Works like a charm for windows 7 if your interested. Ive never had a virus and ive never had problems with updates. And protection is for pansies. On an early episode of the Tek Logan mentions a website that will tell you what youve been flagged for downloading. I went there and sure enough was flagged for windows 7. But technicly downloading windows is fine its authenticating it thats the issue which luckily the authenticater was not flagged. and you can get it at tons of sites.

Pirated Windows 7 is completely identical to genuine one. Process of activation is opening a program and pressing "Activate" button. You can install any updates and even service packs and activation will still hold.

There's no downsides to using a pirated version at home.

I would actually never buy Windows because Microsoft don't deserve that money. They never listen to customers and don't improve their products where it matters.


With Windows 8 you either have to use pirated KMS and activate it every 180 days or use phone activation with a pirated serial number.

If Microsoft doesn't deserve your money then you don't deserve the fruits of their hard work. It's pretty simple, really.

Just use digital river they host the content for microsofts online stores but are stupid enough to have not secured the download links for any windows images so you can get any version of 7 you want. 

Removed crack link - Logan

no piracy instruction plox

So they deserve my liberty?

Everyone should pirate / bash atrocities such as [email protected] After all they were run by the little chicken neck bastard Bill Gates. Hang them, Tyrants should get the ultimate punishment end of.