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well yeah of course. if gave you a paper with a bunch of parallel lines on it can you tell me if they are going left to right, right to left, up to down or down to up. you can only orient a polarizer in 90 degrees

Nope! You can polarize light in the wierdest ways. I have the slight feeling that you are not that deep into quantum physics as I am right now.
You can polarize 90° on the first filter and 45° on the second. If the third filter is 45° or -45° tiltet compared to the second one, you get light. If it is tilted 90° or -90° compared to the second one, there is no light passing through.

I will keep looking for the "brain melter" experiment. That is the point where stochasics enter the equation.

I get that but the point is you only need to rotate the polarizer 90 degrees to get all possible combos.

ie there is not need for anything more than 90 or less than zero. since 180 is the same as 0 or 90 is the same as 270

I make a drawing, stand by!

no need for drawing i have done with before
it really isnt that complex
it is just a vector problem

Nice to have that sorted out. I got you wrong at some point.

Second thing: Light is a form of radiation, to be exact it is the part of elecromagnetic waves that humans can see. If you got an alpha or beta decay in a nucleus, it will radiat the binding energy as a photon. As the binding energy is enormus this radiation got its own name.
What the double slit experiment proves, is that light(=photons) can interfer with themself. Theoretically a single photon can be in the setup at a given time and still it would not be predictable where it hits the detector. It is in superposition. The current theory regarding light sees it as particles and waves as it behaves that way.

True. But again you cant show both at once.

Which proves the theory!
Edit: Can we please prevent this from becomming a shouting match?

so just to chill you a little bit, the trick is to use light once, if you manipulate further ONLY the final polarization on one side will be there. It travels without time, it was already there and remembers everything. So you have to do it only once. Split-push ...

Yes it prove that light can be both a particle and a wave but we have yet to get them at the same time.

It's not? im not sure why you think that

polarizing it - it becomes particle... De-polarize it (polarize it in opposite way than the last) and it becomes wave again.

Not really. light is a transverse wave so you only get certain angles of that light.

A photon just got me this:
That seems to be what they leave in labs when they are supposed to pass through slits...

Haha lol.

if you use duality, your thing will remember from the start what it is/will be/was. Thats why it can be used to transfer information faster than light. Its also known as quantum entanglement, and affect past.

it doesn't just change when you manipulate it, it already knows it - it is it already.

It doesnt move faster than light actually. what it does is send more information per "packet". Hence why quantum computers use 0 1 2

it transfers the information to its opposite without time to the past.

At 100% c, time does not pass. Hence we can not determine IF anything happens. There might be only 2 photons in the world.
2 because a decaying higgs boson sets of 2 photons at a (!) 90° angle from another.

from that perspective i might add:
there might be only me in the world - and the rest of you are just figments of my imagination. Or the other way around.