Titan X for 1080p?

So... I am not ready to move past 1080p yet, but I am a huge fan of Anti-Aliasing. In every game I can, I force 8x SSAA via the Nvidia CP over top 8x MSAA.

Would I be able to max most games (1080p @ 60) with absolutely silly amounts of AA using a Titan X?

You could probably do that with just a 980 alone, but yes a titian x will do.

Titan-X is would be epic 1080p. Have a look at some bench marks at 1080p, I've seen it hold up really well for a single GPU at 4K.

Do you have a 980? I would love to hear about some actual results doing stuff like this.

Titan X for 1080p @60Hz, seriously?
Its a waste of money if you ask me.

Why are you not ready to go beyond 1080p gaming, if you can afford a Titan X?
Titan X is realy not a 1080p card.

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I agree, it's easily a 1440p and 4K card. Maybe though he is waiting for some better 4K monitors to become cheaper first.

:P I can go past 1080, but for reasons I have not control over I choose not to buy a monitor over 24 inches. I saw that there are some games that the 980 struggles with when running 1080 and AA.

This card sure wouldn't hurt when rendering out some animations either, but I want to be sure before I spend so much money.

I agree, it is definitely overkill, but it will work.

was going to say that. ya beat me to it.

Anyone have a 980 and able to try forcing silly amounts of AA in some games for me?

yes it will definitely work.
Titan X is basicly the fastest single gpu you can pickup atm.

Most yes. Easily. Stuff like tw3 where it will take a 980 to max it without the other stuff on top no. But for 1080 and throwing the ssaa on it that much the X is probably the best thing for the job.

I am not sure i understand your thinking. If you bought a 1440p monitor you would need silly amounts of AA. Wouldn't that be a better solution? Even with all the AA and filters and even dynamic down scaling or what ever it is called, there is a very clear limit to how good things will look on a 1080 monitor i believe. Feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

For OP, as she only wants 60FPS, a Titan X would be overkill. But keep in mind that if higher framerates are wanted, a Titan X wouldn't be overkill, even at 1080p. 240FPS at 1080p needs as much GPU power as 4K at 60FPS. And yes, 240Hz at 1080p is possible, you just have to build your own driver board for the monitor.

TitanX would be overkill but you could use dynamic super resolution to render much higher resolutions above 1080 and downsample to scale a 1080 display. There is a debate in some circles arguing about downsampling vs AA but in my opinion downsampling when you have the hardware for it looks a bit nicer most of the time.

Really if I was in your position I'd buy a very good GPU for half the price of a TitanX and still have money left to spend on quality of life stuff like a nice large, fast SSD and some whisper quite cooling + case. You could argue that a TitanX would partially future proof your PC so that you can move past 1080 displays when it suits you but there is no such thing as a future proofed graphics card.

Again, you have to build the driver board for the monitor. http://forums.blurbusters.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=48

This is why I went with the Titan. I am on a 34" TV right now. It's not terrible. I can throw a ton of mods on my FNV and Skyrim with no problem. I also sit like 4' back from the TV so things look good to my eye. Plus playing on this size of a screen I have yet to really find the monitor that I want to throw money at in this size. I am looking at this one right now.

I would say go with the Titan if you can afford it. It should last you quite awhile and down the road if you want you can go SLI you can and have a nice gaming rig. I also think with the new API coming out on windows 10 this may even give the Titan a little more life. We will have to wait and see.

Just remeber if you do get the Titan make sure you have a proper PSU. I had an Evga 750G and it was not enough for that card. I had the watts just not the amps. Her is a nice link to GPU amp requirements.


Good god I hope you mean 4 feet and not 4 inches ;)

Buy a 980 (or wait a few weeks and see if a 980Ti drops, rumoured in May) and grab a 1440p monitor. you'll be much happier.

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