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Tip/PSA for anyone buying MSI x570 boards!


So after spending a day looking a motherboards I noticed something with MSI’s “cheaper” x570 boards.

They are all the same;

MSI X570-A PRO this board is the baseline for around $200 (bare in mind I am from the UK so conversions will not be perfect)
MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS This board is just A-PRO with red colour scheme, gaming and a different VRM heatsink (looks more substantial) $240
MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI Has a black colour scheme, gaming, wifi and similar heat-sink to the gaming plus. $260

So why am I pointing this out? Well because these boards are the exact same beside the differences stated above ASrock have done a similar thing, I personally don’t think a wifi card is worth $60 premium plus there just isn’t enough differences with these boards so the best value board here would be the A-PRO.

They could of literally sold an A-PRO and A-PRO wifi do not pay the gamer tax my dudes.

There is great disparity in value when it comes to X570 I would suggest instead going with X470 as you can get a much better board for the price.

Edit: If its not obvious the gaming plus is terrible value for money do not buy it.


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