Time for a new Epic Build! after 8 years

Here is my last System Build still running Strong since 2012 only upgrade is the video card last year to a EVGA Copper Top 1080TI i got on sale for $700.00.

I am open to suggestions?
Undecided between INTEL or a AMD build.

Wait for Ryzen 4000 announcment/benchmarks, then buy whatever fits your needs? :smiley:

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Yes Considering that Along with the new NVIDIA cards that 3090 looks epic.

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I see you are aiming for the top end. Have you seen the videos on the 10th gen Intel chips from Gamers Nexus? Steve points out that the i5 and i9 are worth it (for gaming and photoshop) and are fun to overclock (K SKU on a Z490 board).

Yes I have but just don’t want a gaming PC also want a decent video rendering PC that can game edit and stand up for another 8 years.

Then you should buy whatever fits in the budget. AMD is all the rage for production workloads.

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Yes I know was looking at the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X with the ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero X570 ATX Motherboard.
But will probably wait for the next launch from AMD and Intel to choose. The only thing is that AMD is so peticular when it comes to Memory.

There are plenty of knowledgeable people around here. Somebody probably has some insights on those parts.
Consider posting a build, I am sure people will chime in once they know your use case and budget.

I won’t help much apart from pointing to benchmarks I’ve seen and read :stuck_out_tongue:

Well all input is welcome enthusiastically!! :laughing: :laughing:

What all do you use your computer for?

Gaming video and photo editing and some Autocad stuff.

If you can wait, do that. X570 is kind of a first gen product with it’s power consumption for PCIe4. For a long term machine a chipset fan would be a bad choice.

I have a chipset fan now with my last build it is 8 years old with no issues.

Hey, if you want to roll the dice again, go ahead. I wouldn’t. :wink:

I could just add a waterblock problem solved the System will be watercooled anyway. I have not decided on a Intel or AMD build yet!!

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