Threadripper 3000 Pre-Launch Megathread

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Bit upset only 24 core at start wonder if we will get lower core chips as I want the lanes not the cores. My money is on yes but who knows


if AMD releases a 64c/128t version, @wendell has to install Gentoo on it and compile all the things


With the right flags it would probably finish before every sentence explaining what he’s doing.

15 min video perhaps?


bummed that x399 is now officially dead :frowning: was hoping to get a newer generation chip in my serber at some point

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$600 2950x… just gonna throw that out there. the 2000 series will be around for at least a year, and on sallleeeee

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The pricing has genuinely swayed me to the Intel 10920X and a used X299 Taichi XE. The pricing is just too much to make sense for VFIO for someone starting out and requiring a ton of PCI-E lanes.

Plus, now none of the TRX40 boards are allowed to have Thunderbolt.

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Pricing did put a but of a sour taste in my mouth guess benchmarks will show if it’s worth it

Unfortunately, not even benchmarks can save the price premium for people that just want to get into VFIO with a ton of PCI-E lanes at their disposal.

BIOS 1.80 of the X299 Taichi XE does indeed support Cascade Lake-X so it’s looking like a good buy right now.

If you don’t need it right away… USB4 is coming. Just throw in a card, you have the lanes on that platform.

Started at the 2950x, Zen 1.5 … was hoping to see Zen 2 before the platform retired :frowning:

Well…agreed its a good deal (stability with older platforms and all) but in general that seems like a compromise at some level as people aren’t that excited about buying old gen stuff, particularly when they have been waiting for TR gen 3.
And to be honest, the new product stack, at these price points, is disappointing:

  1. Current entry point for HEDT platform for people needing more PCI-E lanes is, oddly enough, Intel. There are no products from AMD in the range 750-1400$.

  2. No 16 core Threadripper at launch and the decision to continue with Gen2 Threadrippers. Are they waiting to clear out the old Gen 2 stock before introducing a 16 core variant, because its hard to believe that AMD lacks the killer instinct to let the Intel 10th gen, new HEDT entrants, survive ? (Or, maybe they don’t launch 16 core at all).

  3. 7nm is supposed to be more productive (40%) and less-power consuming (55% reduction). The TDP numbers esp. for the 24 core variant seem a bit odd as the Ryzen 3950x needs 6.56 W/core to hit the same base/boost speeds while the 24 core Threadripper variant needs 11.67 W/core (~1.8X). Isn’t Threadripper supposed to have better-binned silicon than Ryzen ?

Frankly, if people are going to buy older stuff, some of the EPYC CPUs , esp the 16 core one at ~700$, 2.8/3.2Ghz @ 120W also seem like a good deal.

Going OT a bit, but is it just me or are EPYC motherboards “weird”? They seem to have less useful slots that the TR x399 boards, despite twice as many lanes from the CPU

Yes, but who’s to guarantee 100% compatibility with current Thunderbolt 3 devices like all the Blackmagic and AJA capture cards?

The companoes that don’t want to fall behind. It’s USB, support it or die.

Yeah but Thunderbolt 3 is a subset of USB4, not entirely all encompassing USB4. I’m almost certain chip manufacturers will leave out the Thunderbolt part and just stick to 2x2.

Like Adoredtv said TR3 is getting bottom barrel silicon. My guess is the 3960x is a bit of a 3900x situation where there is one “good” and one bad chiplet. Probably one good 8 and one bad 8 core chiplet and two shitty 4 cores. Might explain why there is 140mb cache and not 144.

As for price they can do whatever they want because they wear the performance crown though i expect they’re going to be scarce and that’s why they’re priced high.


I’m still pissed that they killed x399 so fast, mostly because I spent a lot of money on my Zenith Extreme motherboard. Right now I have a 1900x, and sure I could upgrade to a 2950x on sale.
But still, I’d much rather drop in a 16 core tr4 3000, but that doesn’t even exists. Damn it amd…

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How was amd able to keep AM4 and SP3 alive, but couldn’t reuse sTR4? Smells really fishy that the socket wasn’t “compatible” with pcie 4.0, real fishy.

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