Thoughts on Swiftech h220x?

Wanted to get some thoughts on this from the community as some reviewers on other sites have a burning hate for Swiftech. Also wanted to mention the upgrades I'm planning for my build (PCPP Link Really planning on doing this after college since the build does it's job. It will also be done in phases. Really want to avoid having to build a whole new system at least for a year or 2, and figured these would hold up for awhile

Your build is rather unbalanced, you're paring an A10 with a bunch of other things usually placed in a much higher end rig, I guess it kind of sets you up for the future

Also it just looks like a 240 radiator, so you could just save a bunch of cash and grab one of the coolermaster ones before they become unavailable, and then just up the GPU to a 390.

Also I don't generally see noctua fans as worth it when something like
Spec wise performs about the same at a fraction of the cost. Though they won't be PWM naturally.

Yeah the purpose of it originally was just something to work on college stuff and watch twitch and youtube but I did go ahead and throw some things in for easier upgrading

you whont fit a Swiftech H220 in a m-itx case anyway

My main suggestion is just going to be go for a 390, or maybe by the time you purchase things the 380X will be out, that way you won't have much need to upgrade your GPU in the future.

That cpu will bottleneck the crap out of a 390...

It will, but if/when he upgrades his CPU in the future he won't be stuck with a 380

Was actually looking at 390 but figured 380 would be better for this setup. Also I went with noctuas for silence. As I do some podcasting on the side when I have time. Cooperman even if I did do a 390 the performance hit wouldn't be noticeable less than 5% from what i've gathered from other tech youtubers. Also you can fit a 220x in an itx case. Saw pics of someone having one in a 250d.

Well you are not upgradeing on FM2+ mayawell grab a i5 4460 and a mobo now and a good mid card.

Yeah any CPU upgrade would require a new motherboard too. Not exactly an "easy upgrade."

You also don't need that many damn fans. Even if you replace the current ones there with Noctuas that is excessive.

Back on topic. Have either of you used the h220x?

You whont fit it anless you whant to chop off the entire side of the case...

Trying to go for silence. I do some recording/streaming when I get free time. Haven't had best luck with controllers

Actually I would only need to remove the optical drive which I already have

I haven't used it but other than expandability there isn't much going for it. Its a 240MM AIO. One that is outperformed by higher end Noctua Aircoolers and the Kraken X60. Both of which are cheaper.

Expandability is my primary reason for getting it. So i could possibly add a gpu block down the road if needed. I know that when I do build a new system I'm getting a different case anyway. Just looking to make the best with what I have now

I strongly doubt, based on the performance with just a CPU, that it has the cooling capacity to take care of a GPU too. That renders he expandability point moot. Especially as it would probably be more of a pain in the ass to do that anyway.

Wut. I didn't say anything about controllers. I said you don't need that many fans. Less fans will always be quieter than more fans. Unless you're gonna run push pull on the rad you don't need them.

The whole build is a little wonky. Parts choices, especially for price to performance and future upgrade-ability are not great and the cooler choice makes no sense at all from a price, performance and size perspective.

Case Internal Dimensions (WxHxD) 250 x 310 x 340 = 26.35 liters
Rad Dimensions 247mm x 126mm x 115mm
Its not going to fit without geting out a dremel some cable tie's and prying to the gods and i have news for you AIO units make more noise than air cooling + adding a million fans is just going to add too that noise and its a epic waste of cash to spend on a APU.

Well I need a different cooler option then because the heatsink I currently have blocks pcie slot