Thoughts on $800 Gaming Build

Hey guys,

This is my first build and I am trying to achieve the best fps for games like Battlefield 4, Crysis 3, Fallout NV, Bioshock Infinite, etc. I like playing fps, rpgs, and some real time strategy games like Starcraft 2. I am hoping to play all of these games and any games that come out this year at highest possible settings. Other things I will be doing on with this build is some programming and school work.

Here is the link to what I have:

I know it is a bit over $800 and I would like to trim it down to $800 or less but I also want the best performance and will spend a little over if need be.

I would just like for you guys to recommend any changes and just check to make sure everything is compatible because this will be my first build so I am a little nervous.

Also, I don't plan on any overclocking so I didn't choose a seperate cpu cooler, and don't worry about adding an os into that price. I also have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.


Disclaimer: I'm new with PC's as well...

Honestly it looks like its all works. If you wanted to save any kind of money you don't NEED the ssd. SSD is highly recommended, but its not a necessity. Other than that, it all depends on what you want.

Good start.

I bumped the PSU up to a higher quality (in my opinion), single 12v rail unit. The 280x costs $20 more than the 280, it's worth the extra $20.

There's no tangible performance difference between 1600 and 1866 RAM. I saved some money there.

Ok Thanks!

if you ditch the SSD, you could get an R9 290 in to the build

Ok I will think about trying to fit the R9 290 in, I was also wondering about if there would be any benefit to going with an intel chipset and maybe a GTX card, or should I just keep things the way they are?

AMD GPUs are more bang for buck. They beat Nvidia at each any given price point.

Intel, on the other hand, can provide a boost. That's rather dependent on your choice of games, though.

All-in-all, the FX6300 and R9 290 would prove to be more powerful. Unless, you could get an Intel i5 with an R9 290. That would prove to be better in a good number of games. If you're prepared to increase your budget, I think the i5 is worth it. But not before you grab the 290.

Ok Thanks I will probably stick with the FX6300 and try to fit in the R9 290

One more question I had for you guys that I forgot to mention above was: Do you think there would be any price drops for any of these parts this summer? I plan on building this during the summer before I go back to school so I would be able to wait for awhile yet.

Thanks again

Prices fluctuate all the time.  Look around at the prices today, and when you see a product (or a very similar one) that's pretty damn cheap, pick it up(consider shipping prices as well).  It's difficult to go deal hunting.

I would still recommend an aftermarket cooler for the processor, but this is a much better build than what you started with. The processor is the same, but it is seated in a much better motherboard. This board features far more VRMs, offering more stable power should you undertake some overclocking, which you should. The RAM is the same speed, but cheaper. The SSD is the same size and relative performance, but is slightly less expensive. The graphics card is the most significant improvement here, since there is a die difference between the R9 280 and the R9 280X. The case is, in my opinion, more attractive and features mounting room for a bunch of fans or radiators (check ebay for a cheap refurbished Corsair H100) and the PSU is the only component which I made any noticeable diminishing in, primarily for the massive price difference and the relatively low cost of power in the US.

Except SSDs provide the most tangible improvement in the speed of standard computing tasks. I'm still stuck on an IDE HDD, so I know the pains of platter hard drive random read lag.

I would also buy an SSD, but OP wanted the most FPS for his money, so that's why I made this build

Thanks for the recommendation, and I also like that case. I think I will try to go with your build but maybe ditch the ssd and try to fit in a R9 290 if I can keep it in the same price range.

modified the build to have a aftermarket cooler and the R9 290. The AsRock 990FX killer is a great mobo, but for the FX 6300, it is a bit overkill...

The HIS cooler is quite nice, and will keep the card cool and quiet

The 500W psu will be just fine for this build

The fans are optional, but the case comes with only 2 fans (1 intake and 1 exahust) so I would consider buying at least 1 for more intake, but the fans i chose are pretty nice, and the 4 pack costs 25$ so it's a pretty nice deal :)

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I undercut your price with a vastly superior 970-series motherboard (8+2 phase VRM design on their Ultra Durable line of boards), a liquid cooler (manufacturer refurbished Corsair Hydro H100), an arguably superior XFX Radeon R9 290 and some color matched RAM.

pretty nice, but only problem is that even tho the board has 8+2 phases, the board is well known to have a really bad bios...

And the 4+2 phases on the asus boards can easily handle OC'd FX 6300. My friend is running the same board with a FX 8350 and has no throttling at all, and it runs smoothly at 4 GHz.

The H100 is well known to be very loud

BIOS come in many revisions, the 4+2 phase VRM design is certainly capable of pushing the chips as high as the moon, but the longevity is very likely to suffer for it, and my friend has three of the Corsair Hydro H100 and they're whisper quiet even while running four simultaneous virtual machines under moderate to heavy load on a Core i7 4770k.

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You have to put the size of those games into consideration. That plus whatever other programs he installs will easily exceed that SSD amount. I think the storage is much more valuable than the speed in this case.



Assuming you plan to get performance improvements by installing the programs on the SSD.

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