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Thoughts on 32:9 and questions about VESA mounts[solved]

Back Story
I currently have a 25" 21:9 monitor, love it. I also have 2 23" 16:9 monitors. The 16:9s were cheap at the time and performance decently. The issue is the desk I have won’t support all 3 monitors, as the16:9s are not VESA capable and they are also Glossy monitors which I find hell of annoying.
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Question, what is every ones thoughts on 32:9 monitors? I was looking at a few of them and I kinda like the idea of no bezels in-between. Also, the monitor will be used between 3 systems. I will be gaming on it, but also using it with my MacBook Pro and with my Linux Server (occasionally). What features should I look for? Keep in mind I don’t do competitive FPS, just game casually, Im not that good and don’t really care about high refresh rates. Also would it be better to treat it as one monitor or two? As I know some of these monitors can treat each side of the screen as its own display.

Question 2:
Back Story
I have the Fredde Desk from Ikea So in order for me to use both a 32:9 and my 21:9 monitors (because I like screen real estate) Im going to use to VESA mount the 21:9 monitor. My first thought is above, as the desk has a shelf and Im thinking I can get an arm to work.
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Do you think I can safely mount an monitor arm to that? That back bracket is about 1/2 inch wide. If not I could always mount it to the side of the desk in a vertical orientation.

Never tried it.

Don’t really see a usecase for em tho. Except maybe video editing?

I mean, at what point are you better off with two 16:9 monitors that are less than half the cost and take better advantage of your OS’ tiling capabilities.

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No no video editing. Some gaming and mostly Web browsing and video watching. I really just want a cleaner look to my setup.

Why would you even consider such expensive piece of tech as superultrawides?

For professional use, ok. For casual gaming and web browsing not worth it. Besides, some games don’t even scale well on 21:9, not even talking 32:9.
I can’t even think of a time, that i needed more than 2x 27" 1440p monitors and I think this is the dream setup for me :smiley:

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Yeah, I just don’t see it as super necessary.

I mean, if it’s for building a dream setup, by all means, OP should go for it, but if it’s about function or cost efficiency, I would recommend against.

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I think for home use a single 29"/34" or double 24"/27" is more than enough.

I would buy something else or invest the difference in retirement.

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I’ve got that 38in LG ultra wide. It’s wonderful.

Not sure I’d trade it for dual 24/27s ever again.

I had 24s prior. Just not enough vertical.

Model number?

Of what?

It would fill out my desk better.

I’m not sure how big I could go on a single display. I know the 49” super wides would fit. I do plan on keeping the 21:9 as well, but I like to have more monitor space than that has.

Also I between a screen upgrade for my PC or a new TV. I think I’d enjoy a new PC monitor more than a TV.

Dual 32" master race

Wife runs 34" ultrawide + 24" in Portrait

I would 100% be willing to try 32:9 but almost always want 2 screens as it gives a hard separation on things.

I’m doing 38 uw with 24 portrait right now, perfect combo, really.

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Yeah for coding I think this probably one of the better setups, I think maybe a 32:9 (think they are like 49" diagonal) with a 24" up above it might be a good alternative as well

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That would be a good setup. If I had spaceco arms, I’d give it a go.

They make some good pole arms that would work fine imo, I tend not ot move my panels once they are in place where like them. So while i wish i could have spaceco, they just arent worth the premium(to my use).

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I switch up my setup every couple of years, so it probably makes more sense for me.

You just need a company to pay for them if you work from home. Maybe try and get them to cover 1/2 or like 1/4 to make the more reasonable.

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for monitor arms, i would suggest wall mounting to a stud as it is more reliable and sturdy and i have mounted up to 85in on studs. the clamp to a table style arms have the fatal flaw of relying on the sturdyness of the sometimes wood often hardboard or some other modern glued together solution that tends to be thin and fragile and tear out.

Not great if you have a sit stand desk

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I’ve got one…