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Thoughts on 32:9 and questions about VESA mounts[solved]

it can be if you get a full range of motion monitor arm mounted to a stud rather then the flat clip on mount or only tilt/swivel.

im assuming you are responding to me?

Then you have to manually move the monitor. Not really part of the plan. It’s a great strategy if you have a stationary desk, but for sit/stand, it won’t work.

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you do, but is that really that bad? it isnt much effort to push it up or down a bit, and you might be adjusting anyways for glare/better angle. i’ve literally done pull ups on these things and once properly mounted the wall will collapse before the monitor.

We may be getting off topic…


Not an option. Don’t think my folks would like me attaching stuff to the wall.

What I’m getting from this thread is I’m better off getting a bigger 16:9 panel. I’ll look in to those. Not sure if 1440p would be worth it for me. I play older titles primarily. I really can stream high res content due to my data cap.

I’ll add some fuel to the fire:
Why don’t manufacturers make 16:10 models of 27" monitors?! They only make 24" in 16:10 aspect ratio :confused: And those tend to be more expensive than 16:9 high refresh ones…

Totally worth it over 1080p and 1200p. If you want to throw even more money at the problem go 1600p :smiley:

You should checkout the AOC CU34G2(X). It’s a cheap 1440p, 21:9 monitor that I would probably buy if I had the need to go bigger.

Problem is that all the videos I watch are between 480p and 1080p. This is the reason I still rock a 720p TV. I can’t stream high res stuff, we have a 1TB cap and there are many months we are at the limit. Many of the games I like (Sven coop, Killing Floor 2, etc) I doubt even support 1440p or higher.

I already have a 21:9. I’m used to 2 monitors, so it makes more Spence at least to me to get a bigger 16:9 if the group thinks 32:9 is a waste of time and money.

They definitely do. Source games will take whatever it can get and killing floor 2 is not very old so takes advantage of 1440p nicely.

laughs in u2415

That is so expensive in Poland… Would buy one if it weren’t more than my 144Hz 1080p IPS from MSI.
Edit: Actually I would buy 2, but my current laptop has only one display out :smiley:

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So, I have the exact setup you are talking about except for the desk which is what would prevent you from doing the same thing because these monitors are fairly heavy so they need to be sitting on a solid surface if you don’t want any flex. Superultra wides also need a large desk area. You want to be able to sit back enough that you can see the whole monitor without turning your head. My desk top is 70" wide, 32" deep and 1" thick. I have 2 Samsung monitors. One 34" ultra wide mounted above a 49" superultra wide. I bought the 49" almost 2yrs after the 34" but I wasn’t going to not use the old one and I already had the desk. I mounted the 34" on a 32" pole with a monitor arm I got off Amazon. It does put a little bit of strain on the arm and I had to tighten the tension springs all the way.

I work from home as a software implementation consult so I often use the extra screen real estate. Most of the time, I have the 49" split into 3 sections with my work laptop and the 34" split into 2 sections on my personal pc with my email and YouTube or something.

I do run across a few games that don’t have good 32:9 support, usually new releases. However, those are usually fixed later with a patch or somebody on the widescreengaming reddit posts a fix. I’m also a casual gamer so I don’t get bent out of shape if a game doesn’t have perfect support for the aspect ratio.


Not mounting the super wide. Would be mounting the ultra wide. Though my desk is less than an inch thick. The bracket that holds the upper shelf on adds probably an inch to the thickness, but I’m not sure if it’s wide enough to secure to. My ultra wide is pretty light. But the mounting arm would have to be extended far, the plan would be to have the monitor hanging off the top shelf, and titled down wards. The second option is to secure the mount to the side of the desk and use the ultra wide in a portrait mode. Not sure how well that would work.

My super ultra-wide isn’t mounted either. It’s on the stand that came with it. I tried though. I have an Ergotech heavy-duty monitor arm that technically should have supported the weight from the spec sheet but there was no way to tighten the spring for the tilt. So, even though the arm it’s self was strong enough the monitor would just tilt all the way down as soon as I let go if it.

I would suggest taking those 2 shelves out of the center completely and seeing how stable the desk is without that additional bracing. Then you can set a super ultra-wide down on the desk top and push it all the way back to the edge. You can get a 32" pole to mount the ultrawide monitor. A desk clamp probably wouldn’t work unless you didn’t install the back plate it shows on the Ikea specs, but you could use a grommet mount if you don’t mind drilling a hole through your desk top for the bolt.

The desk surface is only about .75 inches thick. Even with a grommet mount I don’t think it will be sturdy enough. Also, Im not sure the lower monitor shelf can be removed. Knowing Ikea this desk surface is probably cheaper wood.

Im thinking the best bet would be to get a larger 21:9 panel and just use that as a single monitor. Not sure If I could get used to that. I may just keep what I got for now, even though the gloss screens really bug the hell out of me. Why I ever bought glossy I don’t know. :weary:

Just wanted to thank everyone for the input. As far as the new monitor goes, I think what I’ll do is a 1440p 21:9. If a game doesn’t support the aspect ratio, then I’ll just have black bars on the side. I think I’ll also pickup a VESA stand so I can take my current 21:9 and turn it in to portrait mode.

With the new case I picked up for my gaming machine I should have my Alex drawer clear for a monitor to sit there. This way I can center the new monitor on my desk and go bigger.

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