Think my PC is fried, need help

So a friend (now former) put a USB in my PC and almost instantly my PC turned off and now I cant get it to turn on or get any power at all. Is there any way to fix this, I spent so long saving up for this PC and I would hate for this to be how it died. Any idea on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Could be a PSU issue? What USB device did your former friend put in? Memory stick/Portable HDD?

What port was it plugged into and what does the port look like now?

Otherwise try a different PSU

A USB stick

was one of my front USB 3.0 ports and it looks black like it was fried


What case was it? What motherboard? What PSU?

Case is the NZXT s340, mother board is MSI 760GMA, and PSU is EVGA 600w 80+bronze. So is it dead?

that motherboard is super low end, might have been in the issue, what's the CPU? it could have already been too stressed, you really needed to buy a board like the ASrock 970A/G-3.1 with much better power delivery for AM3+

otherwise, you gotta try a different PSU, and probably don't use the USB 3.0 front ports, maybe even just unplug the header on the motherboard

lol that sounds pretty bad, your friend wasn't being a friend
bet whatever he plugged in surged your stuff

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In order to charge USB devices, the voltage delivered over USB is rather high (even higher on USB 3.0) and could fry your psu and mainboard.
Since it is black, I assume at least the port was fried.

There are even killer USB thumb drives, designed for this very purpose.

Edit: Well, for example (and without any malicious intent) it could be that your friend kept his thumb drive in his pocket along with some leftover chewing gum paper (the aluminium one) and some of the aluminium got into the tumb drive. This in turn would have short circuited and fried your pc. This happend to a friend of mine.

A USB killer doesn't seem to leave any traces it was there, probably the point, I think it's job is just to fry some traces on the board

Just got a text from him, his exact quote " Bro why are you so mad i made a usb killer and thought it would be a fun prank no need to be a bitch about it."

Welp, off to court ya go

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Sounds like you need to get rid of this friend lol

?Unless he wants to replace your hardware. Killing any of stuff is kind of a dick move

I did, kicked him out as soon as my PC wouldnt turn back on

not worth the price of the court costs, ill just figure out what parts still work and see if I can replace get it running again, wont be gaming for a while but hopefully the PC will work again

I'm sorry man, that really sucks.

More of a scare tactic really

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There's always AM1


You mean a front usb port from the case it self?
If thats the case, disconnect the usb case header from the motherboard.
And see if that solves your issue.

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