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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



I believe at stock without tuning was set to 1100 mv, but after I tuned it a little it was stable at stock freq at 1000 or so. Can see what my dad has it at right now for mining, which is a bit different as well.
@Steinwerks anything over 1200 mv causes massive problems, if you can even get it to stick. Which Jayztwocents talked about a bit in his Strix vega review.


Hi guys!

I would like to know: Can an RX Vega 64 do compute based rendering using system memory through its HBCC?

GPU Rendering, when done through compute APIs, has te limitation, unless the software allows to do what´s called “out of core rendering”, that the 3d scene needs to fit in the videocard´s memory.

There is a Blender test scene which runs out of memory on 8GB regular videocards like my 390x or a 1080 that can be downloaded from the Blender´s official page:

It´s the Production Benchmark from the Goosberry open movie project.

To test it it´s needed to rise the HBCC shared memory segment, enable OpenCL/GPU compute in the Blender´s user/system preferences, set the renderer to GPU mode and hit render.

Is there someone with an RX Vega who can test this and tell me if it can do the render??



¡Viva las Vegas! x3


56’s or 64’s? What’s the plan with those?


I can try this tonight if I remember by then, but the last time I attempted to turn on HBCC it crashed my system (might be a RAM issue, also was previous driver so could’ve been that as well).


Thanks buddy!


I am interested in this too…

Side note: I had issues with Blender 2.79 using both my cards to render even though recognized.

@Steinwerks thanks in advance for giving this a go.

I am down for repairs for at least another week…

Would using the AMD’s Pro Render in blender assist in this?

Is there somewhere I can read up more on this?


Gigabyte said today they won’t be making custom Vega 64s. While they aren’t rulling out Vega 56 cards they are focusing more on the 1070 Ti.


God damn…


Maybe? It would be neccesary to find a ProRender scene big enough to overflow the GPU memory.

As for I could see there is an option on the driver settings to increase the shared memory segment.

Vega architecture reviews and the AMD´s gpu withepaper has some info about it.



Yup. Apparently neither is MSI


Is there a supply issue with chips?


They are both 64’s but they’re also not mine xP

A friend purchased one, waited a long time to get it in and cancelled the order, bought a different one, then found out the first had shipped already so he had two. He sold it to another friend and is liquid cooling the one he is keeping :3


Yes. Apparently AMD is having trouble getting chips to the OEMs. Additional, there are two or three different versions of Vega with slightly different dimensions depending on where they were manufactured causing issues too.

All of that coupled with the fact Vega isn’t going to sell anyway means for a lot of the OEMs it makes little sense to make the investment in custom designs


Yeah, uncertainty of chips coupled with less than stellar success, makes sense they would focus resources elsewhere.

I still kind of want to grab a Vega card for no reason.


Well after i saw Buildzoid be “less than impressed” with what they did with the 480 G1 gaming build qualityI wouldn’t for the life of me buy a AMD card of them anyway’s.


So it looks like I should just go buy bundle is what you’re saying.


No. You should buy a 1080


Depends. Windows or linux? For gaming or production?