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The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion



The first three or so minutes of that video is pure muckracking, low-class clickbait, even if it was meant in jest.

GN comes off too many times as being butthurt over the internet.


That’s why I set it to skip to 276 s in.


I saw when I clicked on it (replied before doing so of course, common human condition there). I watched the whole damn thing yesterday but I think I blocked it out :joy:


I don’t get that impression. Must be on you.

I wanna change the stock cooler for a Raijintek Morpheus II, result should look something like this. Just with Noctua fans and if possible using the stock base and backplate. I might have to rethink airflow in my rack case but I think it is still worth it.


I guess so, but I view it in the context of his other videos comprising of responses to the “community” (read: YT commenters which tend to be the worst) in this terribly snarky mood that just comes off as reactionary and irritated.

At any rate, I did see a recent Morpheus II conversion with the stock plates but I’m having trouble finding it. It was a bit of a hack job on the cover plate (backplate was fine though), and from the looks of it I’d rather stick some heat sinks on the VRM components instead of a solid plate like this one:


Well bad news for AMD fans. The Strix version was worse than the regular cards.


Yeah, stock PCB was considered pretty much amazing by Buildzoid.
So other than noise there is probably not much room for improvement.


Well he never went into thermals, nor sound and it was a silicon lottery loss. So how is that a loss for AMD fans?

I have two RX Vega 64 and one significantly overclocks itself higher than the other. That is out of the box, but on custom watercooling blocks. I was not able to test much or manually overclock as rig is down for repairs on other parts. In a couple weeks I will be back up and running to test.


From my observations of Jay he can build a pretty loop and adjust sliders but that’s about it. I don’t get the impression he’s a deep-dive enthusiast by any means.


Maybe you wanna open up a thread to complain about youtubers or something?
Just sayin’ this isn’t the right place for that… twice…


I can’t be critical? So noted.


Sure you can when it is on topic. But just writing about how you don’t like GN or Jay or whoever is next on your list… not helpful.


I see the point. I will be less generalizing, was more reflecting in the previous post but I can certainly do better than I did.

I’ve seen a lot of odd fluff surrounding that Strix card. OC3D did a preview video, and there was another review by Guru3D in which the cooler was removed before testing but they admitted to not repasting the die and then complained about thermals, then it turned out they had the wrong BIOS ( ). I honestly think this is ASUS trying to get their card out first and it’s turning into a shitshow.


Yeah, looks like it. Although has an article of a review sample up and it seems to be a bit faster than the reference model. But that might have been a cherry. They did claim that the only change on the retail card is the serial number sticker though.

So it seems to come down to lottery like Jay said, at least I would not expect massive performance differences or even pay money for that. Like all modern cards the custom ones just have better cooling and some have RGB and that kinda shit…

If I didn’t already have a card I’d probably wait for sapphire, they know how to radeon.


One thing I have noticed is that monitoring software takes a toll on Vega performance. If I close Wattman, I get better scores in every benchmark I’ve tried. Not huge differences, but consistent ones.

Jay’s sample appears to be voltage throttling. I have had the same result trying to increase the core frequency (crashing, and fast), but it’s a 56 flashed to 64 so I’m already getting better performance than I paid for :wink:


Where was the rest of the press coverage? Where are the other partner cards?


Not out yet?


I did some testing with the liquid cooled Vega… To be quite honest. The cooler is fairly good, and the GPU is … Well, the drivers are a pain. And there’s no overclocking really beyond what you can get on the stock voltage as overvolting is straight up broken.
So… Kind of OK(ish) but meh?
No I don’t have any results handy, just did testing on my ryzen 3 testbed so wouldnt really have been that useful anyway except in things like 3dmark but its more or less what all the above reviews have been saying performance wise anyway.
So theres that.


True, but are useless to those who want to watercool. Instant warranty void. Bastards…

What is your cards stock voltage?


I thought it was BIOS-limited. GamersNexus used a registry hack to allow for as much voltage as one could ever want. Personally it’d scare me without a liquid cooler but it sounds like you’re set on that front.