The [Un]Official Level1techs Benchmark Leaderboard!

Hello! Welcome to the [Un]Official Level1techs Benchmark Leaderboard!

Now LINUX compatible!

The name explains in pretty well, but basically, you will run Unigine Heaven, a free and cross-platform benchmarking software, at the highest possible settings, enter your username and score into the Google Form, and be added to the stack! Simple, and competetive, right? Enter as many times as you want after more overclocking, driver updates, etc., to try to get a higher rank.

Link to Unigine

Here is the entry form (If you can't see it, link is Here):


I will update the list (usually) daily, because the forum does not allow me to imbed the spreadsheet (as of now), so if I don't update your most recent entry, just shoot me a PM.


So, let's get to it!

 Overall Leaderboard

Thanks for entering, and good luck benching!

EDIT: opened the link. Stupid me locked it to my account.

still doesn't work

"The form "TekSyndicate Benchmark Leaderboard" is no longer accepting responses.


Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake"


Fixed it.

I tried overclocking my 3770k and got a blue screen lmao.

I just hooked up my additional 4 pin CPU power cable for mine and it is rock solid! Going for 5.0gHz again, tonight!

I followed some guide for asus mobos on the asus rog website. I set the cpu number thing to 40 and it worked and then I tried 43 and it shit on me.


I set it at 1.35, it went over to 1.36 though.

That should be enough for 4.6gHz on a crappy chip.

Yeah, i have no idea what happened. This is the guide I used:

hey, can you specify which settings to use on each test? I have 3dmark11 Advanced and then the regular of Cat and Unigine. 

Catzilla at Cat (720p), 3DMark at Basic, and Unigine at 1080p, Ultra quality, Extreme tesselation, x8 AA, and DirectX 11.

Added mine just so I can compare my current gpu with the new ones lol.

oops. That is a 6750. I am tired, didn't proof read like I should have.

Do the resolution settings matter? I hit the leaderboard with my 2xTitans. EPPEEEEEEN.

I think we should specify because I dont think Uniengine scores account for those details. IE a 1080p score is higher than my 1440P scores, and the program doesn't take into account the extra power the added pixels required. 

I think we are using whichever resolution comes free. 

Well, Heaven's freeware version allows almost any resolution.

Max settings, x8 AA, etc. @ 1080p.