The Tek 0245: Replace All the Humans! | Tek Syndicate

"I'm not even gun-gun-gunna... what the fuck was that that just came outta my mouth?" 40:13

That was fantastically classic!

Logan by himself is a treat.

What's the guitar shaped instrument in the back? Can we expect Logan and Qain to be playing Kumbaya in an upcoming video?

I'm only 10 minutes in and I feel like I've watched an entire season of Family Guy...


If the ZEN can compete with an under clocked Intel, what about an overclocked ZEN with a stock Intel?

When you pause at just the right time.

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I would love to hear more about react os. Also, since this project is such an initiative, if you guys could get an interview with them that would be amazing.

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Committing for 3 years in Chicago sucks especially with the increasing cost of housing...
Although $140 isn't the worst thing in the world.

Also why is this gigabit available for consumers...
The top plan of 150/20mbps plan is pretty disappointing.

I can't wait for a post scarcity economy. Let robots take all menial jobs, let humans spend their time being creative and learning. Computers will not compare to humans for lateral thinking or novel idea's for a long time. I want 100% unemployment.

Sounds like someone has read some Heinlein.

Make the god damn shirt already! lulz :P


In regards to self driving cars being a taxi service I like that. Also if they are electric only or even more environmentally friendly I am even more for that. We need the world using more mass transit also though.

Flying taxis .... The Jetsons ... I will believe it when I see it.

As for a possible cure for blindness I have to say I was against stem cell research but I guess this is something good that comes from it. I will be sharing this story with others who were anti-stem cell research just to have them see the good that has happened with it.

$70 gigabit internet from Comcast and it is unlimited and being rolled out in a big market where many are going to jump on this. Man I can't believe I am saying this but I wish Comcast was up here in Canada to shake things up. LOL! I thought I'd never say that.

NSA leak ..... very interesting and very scary for America right now I assume

In regards to the UK Court deal where Logan said based on the wording ISPs would have to take down entire sites and he used Amazon as an example I was like WOW that really would be a wild day if that happened. Shit would hit the fan.

Now as for courts ruling that ISPs do not need to give up information on alleged pirates, copyright infringers well considering I download my first movie in quite some time that I didn't pay for this news is good. Now if it only applied to Canada. I can't keep up with what our laws are here but whatever.

Microsoft has broken millions of webcams ..... Logan you are right in that they picked a poor title for the article.

Doubling battery power of consumer electronics is always a good thing. Thumbs up to that!

In regards to the ReactOS Project @Logan I really would like to see this shown in a video getting it put through it's paces on one of your pcs.

AMD Zen sounds like good news if it actually does help lower the price of certain consumer end cpus from Intel and AMD. Competition is good.

The on-demand car test drives was kind of a LOL story. I don't give a ****.

As for a competitor to Steam, Origin and so on and so on OMG we are getting too many gaming services. This is going to be a real cluster**** in the future. I am not happy about this. Facebook and Unity bad luck to you as I have enough gaming services to deal with already and I can't imagine much good coming from what you offer.

DEUSEX ... not my kind of game but Jim Sterling did say many good things about that game thus far.

Finally as for Enderal I think there were a few people talking to me about this on here this week but I have never even finished the regular Skyrim so I won't be playing Enderal.

Oh one more thing I forgot ....

I liked the cheerful guest you had on but PRAISE @wendell and despite many others harsh comments I have enjoyed Qain on The Tek. I still want the regulars on.

Great, a tek without 8 angles of banter.

Not knocking it, but wheres the project videos?

I hate it when developers lie,lie,lie

No Man's Sky

but hey, if you're able to look past all that and still want to spend $60 on a game to "chill out" with... more power to you.

I wanted to congratulate Logan on finally having a good segway. Sure beats "haha yea...." (no pun intended)


I think since there is no multiplayer people can wait on this game til it is at a bargain price like $29 or lower as there are many other chill single player games out there.

Thanks for the video @Logan it always makes my sunday night to get The Tek.

I would like to see more about the ReactOS any OS that is not from Microsoft is a good thing, Oh and Apple.
Windows 10 made me a Linux user.

Self driving cars need to be here now, the sooner the better. Then the revolution will happen the sheep will rise up out of there cell phone drugged world and smash the machines and bring the next Dark age. YAAAAAAA right, who am I kidding the sheep we have today are to well programed by there phones, in the end they will be driven over by the self driving cars to make room for more self driving cars LOL. Death Race 2016 Self Driving Cars.

Actually, the no multi issue is insignificant compared to the lack of "game" related stuff that was not only talked about but shown in seemingly "live" demonstrations of the game being played. We're all conditioned to just accept that games on parade at E3 are just a bunch of B.S. animated movies of "this is how we hope the game plays" and almost always end up being drastically changed towards release.

This also isn't a case of an overly ambitious project getting out of control, this is grade A bait and switch and extremely deceptive marketing on behalf of Sean Murray and Hello Games, Sony. Sadly people have an extremely short attention span and will give No Man's Sky and Sean Murray a pass simply because they're a small dev team and Sean smiles a lot (while lying his ass off).

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Wow, Enderal is awesome! I was having so much fun right up 'til the damn thing crashed. I then remembered I hadn't saved once. I'm definitely going to start again though, totally worth trodding back through the few hours I lost.

Just... not tonight. Now is the time for dreaming.