The Tek 0235: Corsair insanity in Taipei | Teksyndicate

This week we sat down with Corsair in Taipei for some insanity.
This episode should probably never go online, but we accidentally uploaded it.
In all seriousness, we talk about Computex, Corsair things, AMD vs Nvidia,
and allot more with these guys.

Do not miss this, its pretty rediculous!

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The Corsair guys were cool :)

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Yes they are lol.

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Anal Streching

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I want to see who purchased the mason jars now :P

I'm waiting for the RGB Edition.

A furlong = 8 feet
Sorry for being a smart ass.

Google says

A furlong is a measure of distance in imperial units and U.S. customary units equal to one-eighth of a mile, equivalent to 660 feet, 220 yards, 40 rods, or 10 chains.

Im sorry too :(

Laughed so hard I teared up, thanks guys, you were all great! :D

It's called misinformation, you should be use to it with Trump and Clinton.

Fuck you guys! I'm going to go watch someone else!


Corsair and Tek banter is awesome.

One year later. Same shenanigans :D

Ya, i though it was a Surveyors system of measurement from days of old. US history.
what do ya know ? I was right. It was still based in old english , tho. With ties to greek.

May i bash you a little bit? You know i love you guyz... But may i? Just a little...
If i want to see corsair marketing i can go to one of the 95 thousand other youtube channels. And now we got an entire Tek that is nothing but Corsair marketing, talking how great and innovative their products are. I mean common guyz, i am not watching your videos to see corsair talking about themselves. I rather see your opinion on the products.

I'm watching and posting from my first linux install ever! I discovered you guys back when your episode numbers were in the 30s and I've been watching religiously ever since. I had bought a crappy laptop with windows 8 and it was such a nightmarish headache of an experience that it took me 30 minutes just to figure out how to access the internet. And the very first thing I did on the internet, before even downloading firefox, was to look up "windows 8 why is it so terrible" or something like that and found your video on it. Now, all this time later I'm proud to be wearing the "Your OS sucks" shirt, (using your gaming mouse too). I don't think that I would have gained the knowledge or confidence to try out linux without you guys.

I just wanted to give you guys some encouragement and let you guys know that your content is EMPOWERING people to make better decisions with technology and their lives. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of The Tek!


I love watching/listening to The Tek, would you guys consider putting out a podcast (or other audio only format). I'm a busy family man and I don't always have time to listen at home but I would LOVE it if I could listen to The Tek in my car for my commute (which is about an hour when I factor in dropping my son off at daycare) =D Please please please!!!

Now I know, I know, I could just rip the youtube video and convert to audio only each time but thats quite tedious.

Seriously tho, you guys are awesome. I could also listen to Wendell talk on any subject at length for an infinite period of time and never lose interest!

Just type ss in front of the youtube part of the link. For example: and it will direct you to a savefrom net page.

On the video go to drop down arrow and select more

There is an option for audio only usually as an audio mp4

Download and enjoy.

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That's awesome, I did not know that! Thank you!

You're welcome :D