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Comcast loses key Oregon tax rulings, with 'tens of millions' at stake |
Google might name and shame slow-to-update Android vendors
iPhone manufacturer Foxconn is replacing 60,000 workers with robots | Si-News
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Did you guys ever play A2 on the DS? it's going to be easy to emulate on your phones, it had a ton more jobs and stuff in it, probably too much even.

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As a former machinist, I am amazed at the craftsmanship of that dude with the jigsaw

So if anybody actually wants to block all the facebook things, I found this earlier today, and I now have a much longer hosts file.


When you tell M$ to stop their intrusive behavior they only hear, "Stop! Or I'll say stop again!" All this while offshore accounts layer more and more zeros.

I suggest an alternative behavior modification. Revolt by ending the revenue stream. Stop developing for the platform, stop buying the platform, and stop purchasing the associated hardware and software applications.

Tek Synicate, your fellow content creators, and viewers can band together and organize against the madness of forced compliance. Expound at every opportunity those OS's that behave, and send your money to them, while lashing out at the OS's that behave badly and give them NO QUARTER! ;)

Behave with respect to M$ the same way you have with the major ISPs

Yes that game was fucking awesome.

In regards to the Facebook cookies, you can use Privacy Badger by EFF and Self Destructing Cookies. This should make it so you only get cookies from sites you actually want.

On the Tesla Autopilot collision:
Anyone who drives a car has a duty to drive safely (it is a device that does what you tell it to do). There have been been plenty of innovations that have contributed to auto safety, such as stability control systems, and ABS. However, no electronics from any automaker can ever compensate for driver incompetence. If there is anything that can be taken from this, it is that safety features in a car CANNOT be relied upon. If you do not want to strike a parked car, take the time to notice it, and react accordingly.

Kiyuubi is right about the add-ons that will help with the cookie problem, but if you don't want to add anything to your browser there is other things that you can do. A lot of browsers have a setting like "keep cookies until browser exit" or something, that has exceptions that you can do so that you can stay logged into your favorite sites. That I think is a easy step that you can do to at least start taking your privacy back.

I know that it doesn't help while your browsing and if you leave browsers open for days, ... but it's a step in the right direction.

About Google and Android updates.

Everybody blames the phone manufacturers, but I think that people are missing something.

Why is it, that Android phones get their updates from the manufacturer, instead of Google, in the first place ?

I think it was Quain, who said, that Microsoft tests everything on a large number of hardware configurations, to make sure, that Windows, and Windows updates, run on all computers.

What if, Google just doesn't want to do that.

What if, they want to cut costs, by putting phone manufacturers in charge of testing Android, and Android updates, to make sure that they work on their respective phones, and that's how every manufacturer ends up making its own version of Android, that only works on its phones.

Then, it would be Google's fault.

Thank you very much. I only had maybe 10 "bookface" entries in my hosts file which didn't block nearly enough of that cancerous crap.

i wonder what did tek syndicate ever say bad about AMD that they dont get invited to the event! i mean everyone else is there or at least several other youtubers, some with less subs than tek syndicate

AI's making music is already a thing right? Emily Howell has been around for some time.

I hope you guys are doing a video on using a microwave setup for internet service.

Was TekSyndicate not really invited to AMD's Computex 2016 presentation?

Because Google doesnt control the modified OS that other manufactures make and use.

Computers with Windows run Microsoft Windows not Samsung Windows. Samsung phones run Samsungs modified Android OS, not stock Android, so Google have no way of updating it safely, it also shouldn't be their burden to make and test updates for another companies modified OS.

They already provide the patches and time for manufactures to push out updates, the manufacturers simply don't want to.

The solution would be for manufactures to use stock android and to push their skins and apps to their or google store.

@nvemb3r I agree, it doesnt help that its the daily mail. Not only should they have taken action, but they saw the van and didn't signal to move out of the lane..? Seems like just a dumb person. In each case there's one main cause, human error based on "assumptions" "i assumed it would do this thing it never said it would do"

Possibly these people need to be given clearer guidelines on how these 'autonomous' systems work

I get a message saying I don't have permission to save to etc folder.
But I am logged in as administrator.

Also I never imagined that Syndicate would advertise Anime stuff for Crunchyroll. LOL
on Kissanime you can stream HD for free but you have to disable your Ad-block.

you will need to edit the file as root, not administrator. to do this you will need to go to a terminal window and type

sudo gedit etc/hosts

I'm in windows not linux.