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PODCAST: TheTek-0230-Podcast.mp3

First. it's monday, work isn't going to do itself. off i go...

Well I quit. Let the AI go off to work. Im busy.

How did Qain get a hold of my Tor search history.


Didn't have time to watch it all. I will later.
Did they actually actually mention where Logan was, or is actually just missing?
Maybe he is just lost in the back woods of Oregon fighting bears and writing music with charcoal and tree bark.

When's the music coming out?

he's at the very end of the video, doing "stuff".

Good video with some nice discussion!

That end bit made no sense to me...

Why don't yall just call up someone and get a Pro Duo loaner? I'd watch you stress the crap out of it and throw it into an ITX build

I fixed the audio in adobe audition. I'm uploading a new version to my YouTube channel now if you guys want to use it... I couldn't handle the clicks.

What did you do in Audition to fix the clicks?

I selected the both parts of the clicks in the waveform window, then I opened effects -> noise reduction / restoration -> sound removal (process), then I clicked learn SOUND model (or something like that), then I adjusted the sliders a bit and tested it out, then I applied it to 30 minute portions of the audio (because that effect can only process 30 min at a time).

Finally I added some other stuff like a amplifier/compression, some eq stuff, droped the bass by like 10 db, leveler... that kinda stuff.

I can make a vid tonight on it after I get off work if you like?

EDIT: "learn SOUND model"
EDIT 2: "effects -> noise reduction / restoration -> sound removal (process)"
EDIT 3: "here is the video:"

The one thing I didn't try.

If you saw what the audio looked like to begin with.... ugh.....

KCCI is my local news station, I live close to Newton on that map shown.

Yall really need to stop fear mongering about AI until you understand more about the topic.
(specifically you @DeusQain)

"AI taking over humanity" is such a ridiculous notion given what we have created so-far and where research is headed. What we have today is nothing more than a few synapses setup in a very carefully designed manner to get a specific desired output given an input. For an AI to start coming up with it's own ideas and to somehow gain the ability to quantify the world it's in, you need "general intelligence". The jump in necessary design complexity and computing needs to reach such a creation is so monumental it's much more likely that chimps will evolve sooner and take over the world.

Perhaps this video will explain the astronomical complexity needed to achieve a "general intelligence"

The one thing people seem to always thing is that a sentient AI would think like us... because were so self absorbed?

A non-sentient AI would probably be like us and kill us all because after all if we made it like us and we think were so terrible anything smarter than us would kill us then of course it will. An actual sentient AI, we cant know can we?

nice video release date. i might have watched it on a extra monitor at work....

i find the whole AI scare thing ridiculous.

however its quite sad that idea's like {Microsoft AI} was quickly shut down due to trolling. this is why something that feeds off the general information of the net will never be useful at this current time.

maybe with the dumb internet traffic over the last two years and the fact that no one cares what these pol iti cia -ns are doing to make everything illegal that AI wants us gone lol

"I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful."
-Elon Musk

I think precaution is really the best thing we can do. Otherwise we could potentially open a pandora's box. Not saying it will happen, but being careful doesn't hurt.

Elon Musk is just speaking media service....

Clearly he's overlooking many things that present far more immediate danger to mankind than a confused AI running on a computer we can just unplug.

  • Global famine... (super volcano, nuclear war, gmo mishap, drought, etc)
  • Global disease outbreak... (overuse of antibiotics increases selection process for creating strands we cannot stop.)
  • Total wipe-out of our technology from a freak sun flare. (these actually happen big enough all the time but so-far haven't been aimed right at earth... the odds of being aimed right at us is pretty slim.)
  • Colapse of eco system from drastic climate change. (could be man-induced, could be natural forces)

Oh I agree with you. The points you put are obviously more important to look after. And yes I agree it was a bit over the top what he said, but none the less its something to not rush into making.

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