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best fucking opening ever <3
Merry Christmas though everyone

and a holy one too I guess unless war on christmas lelelelelel /s implied just whatever hope you had a nice day lol


Well, I believe a one Dark Syde Phil lives in seattle, he's been doing LPs for years and has a rather large subscriber base, but has a ton of negitivity surrounding him.

I actually just did a report on digital media for my final and on average a big name artist on iTunes makes 9 cents for selling a $10 album and iTunes and their record company get the rest. If you really want to support a band buy off of their bandcamp or website or just get a t shirt. Bands no longer make the majority of their income on music sales but on touring and merchandise sales. Kinda sad but it would be hard to change the way how the industry works rn

i liked his hat.

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Don't feed the trolls.

Does Logan mean "condescending"?

No... it's this ridiculous, fancy-sounding word... I can't remember it.

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Supercilious? I have a few more guesses. (Totally not using google.)

Je ne sais quoi, aloof, snooty.

Only thing is with Life is Strange the writing could not be hella whiter, and some of the music is urksome as I'm not a current gen teenage girl.

Also I hear the ending is crap

What extension is being used to make youtube have a dark theme when the overclocking video is being shown?

I doubt it's the same as his but i use dark reader bc i can turn it on and off on the top corner which I like bc I don't always want it on all the time but if im reading a long HTML page it's easier on my eyes to have a dark theme

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So about the artificial fertilization: sperm aren't all identical inside of a single male. They go through a randomization process during their meiosis. So taking the genes from one X sperm and one X/Y sperm and putting both of them into an empty egg would lead to a perfectly fine amount of genetic variation from parent to child. It's definitely not cloning. Now I'm not sure how healthy this would be for a population as a whole, but in isolated instances (like the 10% or less of the population that's gay) it should be fine.

I only have a little time into it. You are right, but it fits. I still think it is better than most Hollywood movies, but that isn't saying much at all. Indie movies are better.

No... it was a word for the person... like a contrarian... or a snob... but fancier.

Also Life is Strange EP1 is included with the current $1 Humble Bundle option

story overall seems nice, but I decided on GTAV over picking up the rest of the episodes, only thing is it's going to take a while to download with my internet

This has been the case since the mid 90's even before the internet became a big thing. The record labels got big and greedy and well they succeed in making a business model that works for them. The mid level artist who sign with a label suffer while the big name artists do decently enough not to notice till they stop being popular.

In response to the bit on Windows 10 force-installing:
I had signed up to be an Insider; closed my insider account post release.
I did not download or install 10 with the prompt that started popping up in notifications.
I waited for reviews on 10; didn't like what I saw and found the update that was the prompt and uninstalled.
I no longer get the 10 prompt; I've never had any sort of relapse involving 10 'wanting' to be installed.
Why? I've set Windows Update to never check for updates. I do that manually every so often and check what each KB is before selecting it for download and install. I also check to see if there have been reports of performance degradation resulting from the update. It is a slow arduous process, but worth it given the alternative.

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