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This week we are doing it live! Piracy, judges being crazy, new hardware, Li-Fi, outer space, the usual.

Deals from Galax:

  • GALAX GTX 980Ti OC 6GB Graphics card – Only $569.99

  • GALAX GTX 970 EXOC BLACK EDITION 4GB – Only $289.99

  • GALAX GTX 980Ti HOF at $699.99 GET A FREE 240GB SSD

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Notes:Epic Pants

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Better than YouTube Comments.

Are you guys having synchronization issues again?

Yo @wendell whats up with that hidden frame in the blade center video?

I'm ready for the TOR rant that is going to happen right about now.

Best episode ever


Oh no's!! It must be going to be a great episode.
Shall we keep refreshing our Youtube feed?

its live

Yes! I refreshed and got in right after I posted the comment. Cheers! =)

If Wendell responds to this thread before it ends I will buy someone LanSyndicate tickets and draw him a portrait.

That's how I know he won't respond. This thread was a stillborn.

Wow, the youtube chat is ridiculous. Maybe we should set up an IRC and moderate out all the tools.

there is an IRC

Could you link to it?

But, I am afraid it's just as bad.

Oh really! Gonna have to get on top of it.

efnet #teksyndicate

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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket debris found 4,000 miles away near Isles of Scilly.

I've asked this for ever but I really want a good mason jar with the RTW logo or WASD logo. IF THEY DID BOTH ID BUY BOTH!


This tangent brought to you by Bourbon

@logan You can take the boy out of Kentucky, but you can't take the Kentucky out of the boy.