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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



I dont know about reaching 5GHz on a 8c 16t chip but how they overclock is critical. If a 1800X tops out at what a 1700 or 1700X can reach or come close to then why spend more. Roll on march 2.

And where back to finding out which MB's overclock the best


I am still waiting on Cyrix to return to the mainstream cpu market.


Not everybody cares about overclocking. A faster and more affordable AMD chip with a higher core and thread count is still more impressive than an i7.


Waiting for march.


That's a sexy cooler.


IT'S HAPPENING!!!! ( ͡ᶢ ͜ʖ ͡ᶢ)



intel feelin the bern ;)


The benchmarks that are out so far vary super widely... It's rather strange to be honest...


True but youtube channels are just people with half an idea and all the confidence to talk about shit they dont understand. As with all things games the worst code on the planet full stop need to hack in ryzen support.

Workstation work loads ryzen is doing what a 8c 16t chip should do and hitting high scores.

Overclock wise it seems the ryzen 8 core CPU does not overclock as well as an intel 8 core CPU but my faith in that is again youtube people with arguable skill sets.

On top of that all its a brand new platform with motherboards being dodgy and needing UEFI patch's and AMD being baby steps on a new platform.

Price to performance wise AMD is rattling the cage. R5 and R3 chips to come for gaming. I dont see them as being gaming monsters. Just more good price to performance choices.


The UEFIs are still under heavy development. A German publication saw an average of 17% difference in FPS between different UEFI versions.


Indeed. I'm sure in a few weeks we'll actually see some benchmarks that are relatively accurate.


Yeah... It could take a while to stabilize, unfortunately.


Give it six months. All the rough edges should be sanded down by then.


Yup. X99 had some pretty serious problems on launch. This is is even more different so hardly surprising.

Especially since GN said that the microcode was only finalized less than 3 weeks ago.

So it could be a while. AFAIK the performance is pretty damn good everywhere except gaming but even then if you play at higher resolutions its fine and for the price? Hard to beat. Less the 1800X but thr 1700(X) seem to be really awesome buys

I'd wait though and by the time full Ryzen line up is available performance, stability and OCing should all be better. Not expecting massive gains but it should be a bit faster and certainly more stable


The RX 480 also had problems upon launch. Remember the excessive PCIe power draw? It's just the nature of tech. Never early adopt. Let the rich be the guinea pigs.



Yeah.... IMO that shouldn't have happened at all but it was fixed. 480 performance has also increased massively.

CPUs are a bit different but considering several reviewers have said that certain BIOS could change performance by over 10% it could be possible. Still expect it to be slower in gaming but better.

Also yes early adopting is bad lol. So it preordering


that doesn't surprise me for early UEFI fixes but we are probably at the point where BIOS/UEFI and drivers will only net a few like 5-7% gains but instead we will see easier/better overclocks and better ram speeds and latency.


God, pre-ordering is even worse!


In a flight sim and a first person shooter, you don't move your crosshair onto the target, you always aim dead center. You are rotating the world to move your target to the center of your screen. This easily transitions from flight sim to FPS, even with different controllers. Moving your mouse on your desktop is nothing like this. There is no rotating of the world. The world is stationary on your desktop and targets are stationary and you are moving where you aim, it requires a completely different mindset.