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The RISC-V General Discussion / News Thread

In keeping with the trail blazed by the POWER folks, I present to you… a RISC-V news and megathread!

SiFive’s HiFive Unmatched, originally scheduled to have 8GB of RAM, will now ship with 16GB.

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I am interested in what happens with this. I know that the 8GiB of RAM was hamstringing some of the developers. I just wish it had at least Pi4 performance if not Odroid-N2 performance for that price.

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Here are 2 articles that I found:

There was also an article titled “Chinese RISC-V Chip Startup Secures Financing” on chinamoneynetwork, but it’s under a paywall, so Φvcc them.

BeagleV RISC-V board announced:

8 gb version sign-up and pre-order for $149, the 4 gb version (who knows when it’s available) will cost for $119. The first batch should be available in April.


That’s fantastic!

Much, much better value than SiFive’s 8GB board at around $700, especially considering that it uses a SiFive processor.

I’m really happy to see how quickly we’re getting options. :slight_smile: