The Post Your Office Chair Thread!

The Post Your Office Chair Thread!

  1. Post date of purchase
  2. Post brand
  3. Post pic
    Bonus Question - Is it comfortable? (hint: I need a new chair hence why I am asking lol)

1.A couple of years ago
2.Herman Miller - Aeron

Yes. However it is important to get one that match your size or they can become an irritant. They are made in different sizes for a reason.


Fits very well for someone who is 6 foot
Had it since 2013 and it has not sank at all, but the arms are peeling apart.

I second this chair.

Bought one about a year ago on eBay.
Herman Miller Aeron Size B.

One of the major reasons I went for the meshy kind over the cushioned chairs is that I recently moved to Florida. The mesh does wonders to keep your back from sweating and making you uncomfortable. When I was working as tech support remotely, I was stuck in this chair all day and never felt uncomfortable. Just make sure you get the right size. The size B back is barely tall enough for me at 6' and 170 lbs, but fits me well. If you have a taller torso, it may hit a bone in your upper back.

The biggest downside is the price. I got this one for $400 off eBay, but they can go for much more if you buy new. I've seen them on Craigslist for $250-$400 though.

Fun fact: One of these chairs is in the Museum of Modern Art.

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all you punks and your austentatious aerons.. steelcase leap for modest comfort for the win! LOL

(the aerons are super comfy but I prefer the leap by a hair).


I've have had a Aeron for like 9 or 10 years. It's indestructible, shows NO signs of wear, and I hate it's guts. I affectionally refer to it as the Work Terminator, as it has been there for me, through countless judgement days.

I mainly use a ball now. It's nice cause i'm a little more active, and tend to be less stiff.

The biggest issue I find with chairs is the weight rating of the gas strut. I'm a big bloke, 21 stone (breaks out calculator) 294lb 133kg.

Most if not all budget chairs have a weak ass 15 stone limit. The trick if there is one if you fall into this category is to buy a nice but not overly expensive chair, and a high capacity gas strut. You have to fit the new strut before assembly as getting the old one out is real tough. The high capacity struts are cheap enough on eBay/Amazon.

Well I didn't know I was sitting royalty! I've been using those Aeron chairs for years at work but as they're supplied I didn't really think twice about it!

My room is my office

'Gaming chair' Please don't smite me



Seriously though, how do you deal with your monitor being up so high? Doesn't that hurt your neck?

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I'm tall (not by much) and the chair is tall. having a tall monitor doesn't phase me in the slightest.

I don't actually use it this tall though, I was watching a movie last night and Rick & Morty so I had it higher for consumption as I leaned back in my chair.

That and I usually have a second monitor under it, It's missing right now but the cables are still lying there where it should go... I should get that thing back

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Okay that makes sense, I thought something that high all the time would be horrible, I keep my monitors up pretty high too, mostly because tall problems.

Introducing my Standard Issue Ikea Office Chair!

Surprisingly comfortable and it even has wheels!

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United Chair's Savvy, by Groupe Lacasse

It's pretty comfortable. It checks off nearly all the requirements for an ergonomic chair, but the lumbar support isn't that great. The image is also of their fully loaded model. Mine doesn't have swivel armrests. u_u Now that people have mentioned it, I'm pretty sure I had an Aeron at my last job, cause they were all mesh. They were very comfortable.

Seriously? These must be old ones then. If that's true, I might have to look into one. I need a more ergonomic chair for home. Shipping must cost a crapload though. I just have some generic office chair at home.

I had a really nice comfortable (and apparently quite expensive) leather office chair which had a few cat scratches on the back, So one birthday my other half decided to surprise me with a lovely brand new chair. I thought the big box might have been a PS3 or something but instead of a nice Blu-ray player/PS2 replacement I had the best chair I'll probably ever own
taken away and replaced with a plastic walmart special.

This is my chair, Always with a cat ready to attack if I go near it.



Wait, you accepted it?!

With a smile.


The alternative would have been horrendous since she'd already dumped my chair, Maybe this year she'll push me over the edge...

At least last year she forgot my birthday (40th btw) so no damage was done that time... oh wait lol

This thread is about chairs!

She did what? :( ...I hope you spanked her good and proper.