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The Level1Techs KVM (Keyboard, Video Mouse) Switch - 4k/60hz monitor & USB Switchbox | Level One Techs


Necro but thats because we’re back baby!





You can confirm your issue is mostly sorted? Down to the “built in” MST hub in those monitors (meant for daisy chaining) and turning that off fixed the issues prettymuch?


Oh yeah. If you disable DP 1.2a in the OSD, the issue is gone.

In fact, I haven’t had a single problem with it across any GPU (although AMD takes a bit longer to initialize on switch) since changing the setting.


wooooo!!! Very excited to get mine :slight_smile:


Is there a way to disable ctrl as a hotkey? Just use scroll lock


Not that I know of but let me dig and see.


Bam, just punched my wallet in the gut.



double tap scroll lock, then tap ctrl. That will toggle the ability to use ctrl as your command key, allowing you to teabag with maximum efficiency.


Thank you so much

Not for tea bagging however, just cause 3 air brake


I’ve been using an IOGear (re-branded ATEN) that works alright, but I took the plunge and ordered one of these and will probably sell the IOGear or keep it as a backup.

Having a good, solid KVM is a rare thing these days, and I feel like this is a device I’d keep for life.

Quick question, do you think they’ll be a firmware update for DisplayPort 1.4 or would that require an entirely different DSP chip?


Awesome thanks so much! No firmware cannot help us. There is no good do 1.4 silicon on the market. But the design is modular. I expect to be able to swap the mezzanine cards so I might be able to offer an upgrade mezzanine PCB at a discount, with the same controller.

Let me know how it goes. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty good. The only thing that would make it way better is making it a dp repeater too but that made the BOM cost crazy.

Edit. Aten is not a bad brand but the contact I made didn’t seem interested in fixing the bugs in their product, so I kept working on the l1 thing. They do offer OEM services like you can do branding but when it was like " hey here’s a bug let’s fix it " they reacted like I was a crazy person. I’m happy with where we are now with the KVM. It’s selling crazy fast. And the customer list is kinda blowing my mind. “HELLO good sir at giant megacorp , thank you for buying the level1 KVM or ten…”


Just got mine today, and set it up. Working great, thanks for the hard work! :slight_smile:


Tweet it from the roof tops and I’ll try :smiley:


After some (very long) time, I finally managed to change out my single CS782DP to the 4 port dual monitor KVM I have bought from you. Took me a while, because I needed to 3D printed a makeshift bracket to clear the beam below my sit-stand desk. Also, too many projects, RL, f you know what I mean.

I have currently a WSGF stand 3+1 monitor setup, where I have 3x 27’’ Gsync in bottom and 1x 34’’ on top.
The left and bottom center monitor is currently connected to the L1tech KVM. I plan to reuse the Aten KVM for the top monitor if it can handle the bandwidth @ 100Hz.
Currently two workstations, one running Fedora, other running WIndows 10 (gaming). The other ports are for working on other computers. Cable lengths a bit longer than I wanted, but max. 5m total for longest run.

Some small things I just want clarified though. When I switch input, is it supposed to be disconnecting the monitor output from the other clients? The reason I ask, is because it seems to reinitalize monitors everytime I switch to new client. Both on Windows and on Linux (which is a pain). My Aten used to do the same thing, until a later firmware, which seems to fool the videocard into thinking that the monitor is still connected, and it clients doesn’t know it is gone, hence doesn’t do anything with my multimonitor layout.

If this is the intended behavior, I am fine with that. It will just involve some more work finding a solution for Fedora to reinit all monitors with xrandr. I do this manually with shortcut at the moment. Kind of got used to not having to do that anymore, since Aten had a fix for that.


It is intended behavior, but I’m looking into it. I wonder what the aten is doing. Hmm. Interesting


Mine came in yesterday!! I won’t be home to mess with it until next week though…

Thats a bummer, I assumed most modern KVMs did this, but the good news is your looking into it!!


Just got my KVM earlier this week.

This was the one little wrinkle I noticed with the product. I’m using the single monitor version with a dual monitor setup. My main system is physically connected to the primary monitor while the second monitor is connected to it and 2 machines via the KVM. When I switch from the primary system to one of the other machines, Windows drops it to a single monitor desktop. The windows from the 2nd monitor automatically jump to the primary monitor. While this behavior isn’t a deal breaker, ideally I want to keep the desktop area untouched as the automatic repositioning of my windows can be annoying.

Otherwise I’m really loving the KVM!!


This is how it works. To quote Wendell:


I’m having some weird issues getting my MacBook Pro (2017) working with the KVM.
The laptop detects the monitor when switching to the correct input on the KVM and I can see the monitor in the display settings on the laptop and switch between resolutions, but the screen itself just keeps telling me that there is no signal.

The laptop is connected via a USB-C to Displayport cable, of which I’ve tried two different ones.

I know the connection between the KVM and the display is working fine, since the signal from my Desktop goes through without any issues.

I’ve also made sure to select the same resolution and refresh rate on both the desktop and laptop ([email protected])

It works fine when connecting the laptop directly to the monitor with the same cable(s).

Has anybody else experienced this or know if there is anything I can do to resolve the issue?