The Idiots of Console Gaming

Please do describe your experiences with people who think console gaming is "better"; that is, if you have any. 

I'll describe mine. 

Anyways, I was on the bus ride home from school, when I started talking to my friend about League of Legends. My other "friend", isn't too great on PC gaming, so he starts "hating on it". He starts talking about how much better the controller is, etc. He also says that the PC gaming service, Steam, sucks. I was close to tearing his head off and sacrificing his body to Gabe Newell.


EDIT: I talked to him again, and this is what he had to say about running in PC games: "You need to press like five buttons just to run in games". 

I then asked him what game you have to do that with. He replied: "Like, every game".

I then proceeded to ask him what games he has on PC and where he gets his games from: "Minecraft, and I got it from the internet".

I continued to "interrogate" him by asking what kind of PC he has: "A laptop".

Oh how I want to bash his brains in. Oh, and the video describes my feelings.

I wouldn't necessarily call them idiots... They have a right to their opinions. Their opinions are WRONG, however. ;P

My main story: there's this person in a few of my classes (keeps talking about Russia being the best country in existence, not to mention he's a sexist, racist homophobe) that constantly interjects when my friends and I talk about PC gaming, saying how consoles are so much more powerful than a gaming computer and how the next-gens will basically be mini supercomputers. I don't bother arguing, because (based on previous context) he clearly isn't a big fan of logic.

Grats on knowing when to pick your battles. Too many people waste too much time arguing with people who are clearly too ignorant to understand things.

My gaming hood was raised from console gaming FYI. Glad I still have my Sega Megadrive II nearly 2 decades later. My PS Double still works more a decade later as well.

I haven't had much trouble with idiots as far as in person situations go. While on campus I'll hear the occasional "yea but I like using a controller" line as if it is somehow inconceivable that a controller can be used via usb port. I find far more of the idiot battles on the internet and most often on YouTube where you can hear such lines as "its so much more expensive to have a gaming pc" and "you have to constantly upgrade parts because they get old" as well as "you don't get the herp derp I'm dumb console exclusives". I added the "herp derp I'm dumb" part after the fact...

Mine was too... were you trying to make a "Chad Warren" reference on the "PS Triple"?



A lot of my friends are drooling over the PS4. I was actually really surprised by this, as they aren't exactly PC gamers but they seem to be really in to the idea. Oh well, I guess it is an "OHHHH SHINY!" type of thing.

they forget the fact that alot of the modern console die within 2 to 3 years and have to be constantly replaced lol.

I do not think all console gamers are idiots albeit most probably are, but people are entitled to there own opinions. as for people i know there are some that there parents simply wont let them have there own computer or there are those who just simply dont want to spend the time and the effort into building a gaming pc. I play all systems including pc but the reason i do keep my consoles around are for the exclusives becuase every now and then i do like to play uncharted or final fantasy or halo.

i have a few consoles too 3 xbox 360s 2 broken one working 2 ps3,s 1 working.

Gaming as a whole got devalued once i realised i wasnt really gaming anymore I was just destroying pixels with scripts, then i realised i could write my own games and customise everything I touched and life was good, for a time.

so i modded skyrim so heavily it just imploded. ( around 400 mods and some custom scripts )

I still play it, but I have to pick my favourites very carefully

now i'm in university studying a whole array of computer sciences guess we can conclude that gaming is pretty low on the ladder of life, all things considered

one day i hope to create a c++ game engine to build games in, and sell it to the wonderment of everyone around me

because who works on game engines? everyone's obessed with the games.

One day I was walking out of the bus when I heard a bunch of people talking about the PS4 and how they heard it was going to sell for $200 and one of them said they got an email on how he was chosen to beta test a PS4 all he had to do was give them his address and credit card number........... I promptly face palmed then walked to class

I moved away from consoles not too long ago but I wouldn't go back. Although XBOX/PS3 are more social ways of playing IMO (by this I mean to play in person if you're with someone you can both sit down with a controller on one TV)

I moved away from consoles not too long ago but I wouldn't go back. Although XBOX/PS3 are more social ways of playing IMO (by this I mean to play in person if you're with someone you can both sit down with a controller on one TV)

When I was a child I played on consoles and computers. (commodore64 => Amiga CDTV => Sega mega Drive II => 133 mHz PC, 28 mb ram => Nintendo 64). We had fun at eachothers houses playing nintendo and supernintendo.  When I grew older, Local LAN parties was the thing. But now it seems like consoles are for adults too, but I play on PC when I want to, since my friends have steam.

Hating on one or the other is just an expression of ignorance, just ignore what your "friend" says he will turn over to PCs one day and then you will have the last laugh. ;)

Mine was as well. Although the people who argue are not talking about classic consoles, most youth these days say that current generation consoles are more powerful than gaming computers. I would not call them idiots since it is much easier for youth to ask parents for a console rather than specific parts for a gaming PC.

I've played games on both consoles and my PC for as long as I can remember.

With that said, I most often gravitate towards my 360 for the simple fact that when I'm in front of my computer, I get distracted too easily. Every week or so I put a lot of time and effort into learning 3D animation, and my computer is built accordingly. Or I get some hair-brained idea for work and next thing I know, I'm 90 tabs deep into research. Or I sit and watch then rewatch episodes of The Tek and FPSRussia.

I enjoy the fact that my 360 lets me play games, watch tv shows, and nothing more. When I go to my console, it's because I want something simple that I can just slash and hack through and not get distracted by other things. Sometimes that restriction is a good thing for my mental health.

I'm literally saying when I feel like a Mac kid, I play my console. When I want to be a grownup, I get on my PC. I love my 360, but there's no chance it will ever be more powerful than my desktop, as there's $1,800 invested in it.

And Total Annihilation has always been the greatest RTS to ever exist in my book. So that alone is reason enough to love my PC. One of these days I'll get over myself and realize that I do actually enjoy the games I play on my console more on my PC. But until the mulitude of titles I already own for it are cheap enough where I can buy them all again, I'm going to keep playing them on the 360. That will happen quickly if the next XBOX is an always-on system.

I don't like 3 year olds