The Idiots of Console Gaming

People who know how to use and keep computers in good order (performance, drivers,  upgrading hardware etc) will always prefer to play games on said platform and can make use of its advantages. Those without the skills will do whatever is easiest for them (namely a console).

So long as these console gamers dont try to say their games look better than PC then I generally dont get into these kind of debates.

In my opinion, the only case where console gaming is better than PC is on old systems like N64 and gameboy n stuff. Emulators are hard to control and I don't have an adapter for my controller. Yesterday, I went to my friend's place, and we played Terraria on Xbox for a while. 2 people in the game, and as soon as we were in the same screen, framerate dropped to about 15fps. Plus, you can't use controllers as a reason to hate on PC. If you like controllers, get one for PC. It's not that hard. And before people start ranting on about how consoles run better, 1. Compare loading times, 2. Look up the specs. The majority of the cost for a console goes into the graphics, which is why the rest of it is so slow. If you had the equivalent in a PC, you would be looking at the average gaming PC for around 7 years ago, not including the graphics. My rant has ended, please feel free to educate me further or correct me if I'm wrong.

Console gamers should look up to PC. Without PC, their games wouldn't exist >.<


There's a difference between having an opinion and aguing to people about things they have no knowledge about :P

They are defending something without knowing all other aspects and choices. The definition for that is moron.

I know / played many consoles, but I also have lots of PC knowledge. I choosed to stay with the PC. However, many people with few pc experience, that only know their sacred Xbox /ps3, defend them blindly and hate PCs, without even try to inform themselves.

That's the same than this:

I read / learned about many religions and cultures. However I choose being agnostic. However, many people that follow christianism will defend it blindly and hate on others, without even try to inform themselves first.

And with any other similar debate, this is the answer, morons will be morons.



Many times have I taken an hour out of my day to explain to a 'console mouthbreather' about PC and it's perks, and why I switched, only to have them respond: "Yeah, but I have to spend $2000 just to get a mid range gaming PC." 

I then typically take another 30 minutes to explain basic hardware requirments and I'll give them a $400 - $500 build, depending on what they want to spend, only to have them say 'Well, PC's are too confusing, and I don't wanna deal with all that"

Summing it up: I take lots of time to try to help and explain, but they're to lazy to make a rational argument or look into what I'm trying to say.

absolutely sir walrus.
They don't like to get informed, neither they like to learn, so I say they keep playing consoles, and if they bother me, just /ignore

I typically just ignore them as well. Usually if they say things bad about PC without being informed i will go on one of my 'rants' and it usually ends badly for them, otherwise i leave them alone.

I actually am a Christian, but I don't follow blindly. It's simply how I answer the questions that everyone asks  themselves.

I don't shove it in others faces like some, nor am I scared of people who percieve religion differently than I. I simply believe what I wish, and if others ask: explain to them why I believe it. 

I don't push my beliefs on others, that's why they're called 'my beliefs' not 'yours'.

I very much agree with what you said. Christians tend to follow blindly, and act superior, they claim they're "speading God's love," but they're afriad to speak with people who don't claim the same thing.

My ears......... My precious ears.