The FDA declared e-cigs are tobacco

The main reason they did it was so it is now illegal to sell vape to anyone under 18.

However the truly heinous part is now the e-juice industry is going to be highly regulated and tested as PHARMACEUTICAL products. Every company making e-juice will have to pay over a million dollar$ to perform the required testing. Of course this means that 99% of companies are going to fold and the industry will be taken over by big business. Like Pfizer, R.J. Reynolds and Phillip Morris.

I think the age limits happen soon but companies have 3 years to complete the testing.

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The age restriction seems reasonable, but I'm assuming big tobacco lobbied for the pharmaceutical testing bit?

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Does humanity have to go through another couple of decades of deluding themselves that e-cigs are so much better and safer than tobacco like we used to delude ourselves that tobacco is fine and totally doesn't cause cancer? So what if they regulate it? If you care for your health you'd avoid that shit like you should avoid tobacco. This is like heroin industry lobbying against meth industry. Just because you prefer one over the other doesn't mean you should do either.


You're forgetting that tobacco research was kept from the public when they were saying cigarettes were safe. Now they are suppressing studies that prove e-cigs are 95% safer than cigarettes, of course there are risks in consuming anything other than food and liquids, and even those to an extent.

There have been numerous studies that prove e-cigs are significantly safer with almost no down sides, and the "studies" that showed otherwise were proven to be flawed. The problem with the regulation is that this classification pushes for taxes on production and sale so high that the e-cig industry can't exist unless it is big tobacco's products. Pair this with the grandfather date of 2007, it means that the only available e-cigs are the gas station ones such as blu, which are produced and sold by big tobacco companies.

The truth is that the e-cig industry is killing the golden goose for taxes


When/where was it ever legal to sell to anyone under 18? Where I live it's always been 18 and up.

I wonder how this will affect the very large percentage of people who mix their own like my parents.

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e-cigs are much safer than tobacco, saying otherwise only shows your lack of knowledge on the subject. The primary components of vape liquid are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Neither of which are dangerous (both are in tons of products you use every day). The only bad component of vape liquid is nicotine, however, this isn't a necessary component and it should only be used as a way to wean yourself off of tobacco imo. Now, 90% of the problems most people hear about e-cigs are about the really cheap crap they sell, if you get yourself a quality setup then you will not experience any problems.

Is vaping healthier than not vaping? no. But, It is a hell of a lot healthier than smoking tobacco. I do not advocate vaping as a leisure activity, however, I will always advocate it as a way to get people to stop smoking tobacco.

Organic juice


i don't follow this stuff fairly closely. But it seems like some court rulings in favor of Monsanto might have created a precedence that could help the vaping cause. This seems similar to people's attempt to restrict GMOs and in there are concerns that both are unsafe, but there is so solid conclusion yet and Monsanto has been able to successfully fight most laws trying to restrict the sale of GMOs in court.

Which are bad for you when Inhaled, if we are talking about eating yeah they are perfectly fine but your lungs are not meant to be breathing in liquids let alone ones that we know over time cause Damage to your lungs. Edit: after diging deeper its not the Propylene Glycol its the flavoring agents used

The Vape shops that have talked to the News have all put the price much lower, as the rules have been proposed the main issue is that no one knows what the testing requirements will be including the FDA at the moment and there is a 3 year period to figure out and come into compliance.

Those companies are already in the E-cig market and probably are already in the Vape Juice market its not like its currently a hard market to get into.

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There have been studies that tobacco is safe as well. That's my fuckin' point. And it's so much easier to come up with any kind of study that suits your interest these days. You can't trust these people. Their entire business model revolves around selling poison. They're going to do whatever it takes to make it sound like it's not what it is.

How do you even know that tobacco industry is suppressing the results of e-cig studies? Obviously you heard about that somewhere or you read about it on the internet probably. How can you be sure that what you heard wasn't in fact e-cig propaganda?

People need to wake the fuck up and realize that if somebody is trying to sell you addictive poison IT DOESN'T MATTER if it's safer than the alternative. They will try their damn hardest to make their brand of poison sound as appealing as possible. Instead of siding with e-cig industry you need to realize that they're NO DIFFERENT from tobacco industry and you shouldn't trust them.

Spoken like a brainwashed smoker from the 50's.

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Are you serious? I have never seen A SINGLE study saying that any tobacco is safe in any way.

Literally everything is poison if you consume too much. I do my own research and dont listen to what random internet people say.

" Obviously you heard about that somewhere or you read about it on the internet probably" So you're implying than everything on the internet is wrong because its on the internet? So reading through third party scientific study results isn't right because it's on the internet?

Nicotine is addictive yes, but it is not poison unless consumed in excessive quantities. Propolyne Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are not poison unless consumed in excessive quantities. WATER is not poison unless consumed in excessive quantities.

You obviously have no knowledge whatsoever on the subject so you're not even worth my time.

Where's our OG smoker @anon43920604 when you need him this thread will trigger him

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Solid idea. Don't let young impressionable people start a habit now that may prove to be unhealthy in future. I have no problem with that.

If your going to inhale something into your lungs, I'd want to know that its safe. Having it regulated this way ensures that what your putting into your body is tested.

Sucks if a company can't pay it, but for the good of having information I'm okay with that.

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You goddamned right it will.

This is going to put a ridiculous number of small business vape shops out of business, because they won't have products to sell. Why? Because they decided to make the entire device a "tobacco product" and not just the juice/liquid going into them.

I really hope the vape shops are smart enough to band together and sue the FDA over this before it's too late.

This shit abjectly benefits the big tobacco companies, and basically crushes the smaller companies that are making money. Why? Because the small companies can't afford the ridiculous price of FDA testing, and the big tobacco companies can.


I agree with the opinion that this has more to do with protecting the interests of the tobacco industry more than it has to do with protecting consumers. The tobacco companies have their own lines of e-cig/vape products (MarkTen, Vuse, Blu), which have been relatively unsuccessful compared to the huge variety of devices made by smaller firms in China, and the niche e-liquid brands vapers crave. With profits from actual tobacco products dwindling down to nothing, can you think of a better way to ensure that they increase their share of the booming vaping industry than forcing small businesses out of the market?

I have never seen a vape store (both online or brick/mortar) that would willingly sell to someone under 18. Even the least responsible of vaping retailers knows selling to minors isn't worth it, and that doing so would shipwreck their business. And even though I'm sure there are some out there that would sell to a minor, the same regulations haven't exactly stopped minors from getting their hands on cigarettes, have they?

But this is just business as usual in the U.S. unfortunately. If your multi-billion dollar company is facing slumping profits, just buy some politicians to bail you out, give you a tax break, or regulate your competition to death. Have them spin it as protection for consumers (especially kids!) or national interests, and you're golden. The cost of a few unpopular congressmen desperate for campaign cash in an election year, compared to the potential loss of profit, probably makes it a no-brainer.


Agreed, also to those people saying all of this is unhealthy. (i am not saying it is completely healthy though)

Check these out:

If you guys have time I would read or at least skim the articles. They really changed my perspective on this entire industry and nicotine. Also it reminded me of how important it is for small stores to stay in business, because good luck finding actual organic, pure, or even natural e-juice when a big companies are the only ones left, and all they care about is what they make in profit and how much they please investors, they do not care about the consumer.

The FDA in the end, is only hurting the consumer with this.

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I wouldn't say vaping is healthy at all. As in, it does not improve your physical condition. But what it IS, is less harmful than actual tobacco smoking.

When embraced, it can help someone quit cigarettes, and over time, even lower or end their nicotine addiction. How is that something to be discouraged?

And yes, kids will pick it up, but kids pick up everything. Because kids are fucking stupid. You cannot legislate against stupidity.


While true for all industries this statement has even more weight behind it when talking about big tobacco. They literally kill their consumers and reap the rewards.

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Not now because that era is over. But decades ago cigarettes were prescribed by doctors, ads for cigarettes were in medical journals and tobacco industry would even pay doctors to smoke their brand. When they lost that battle and the science was in, the tobacco industry spent a fortune trying to convince people that second-hand smoking doesn't pose any health risks through scientific studies that they funded. Fortunately they lost that battle as well.

This e-cig craze is just history repeating itself and people in their infinite "wisdom" will eat it up once again and live in denial about it. Because why expect anything better from weak willed people looking for a fix?

No. I'm saying that you should learn from history and that means that when you're faced with a product designed to make you addicted to it, for your own sake assume that positive studies aren't objective and independent. Just like you assumed that anti e-cig studies are flawed and pushed by tobacco industry.

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Royal College of Physicians recently had a study on E-Cigs.

Full study: