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You can take books from your Kobo and drag and drop the files and read them from wherever. You can put them on your phone or any computer. So the only barrier is plugging the Kobo into a computer and placing them somewhere.

I get that, but it’s much more convenient to have said book in the Kindle cloud, then accessible by any Kindle or device with Kindle app without having to usb connect, drag and drop etc.

If there was a self hosting way, I am game. Maybe nextcloud has some kind of support for self hosting the books?

None the less, Kindle has a lot of books not found in other ebook sites such as kobo’s.

Google drive? Literally just drag and drop and any device can reach them.

Kobo doesn’t connect to drive. Just no way around it, I’m not saying it’s impossible to put my epubs on everything, just way more convenient if in the Kindle ecosystem.

No dude you’re not understanding… Plug your Kobo into a computer and navigate to the files. You can access and move all of them. You can also drag and drop files directly to it from a computer and read them.

Hey, related question: any suggestions for organizing ebooks?

I’ve got a good sized stash from Humble Bundle, Drive-Thru RPG and a handful of Google Play titles. I don’t have a Kindle (not that I’m specifically opposed to it) but occasionally a janky Android tablet.

There’s a good variety of titles, but I’ve really gotta sort these things by subject matter a lot better, and file structures never quite play nice with the janky tablet.


I’m not much of a media server guy for eBooks (meaning I don’t work with it a whole lot), but I’ve seen an awful lot of Calibre libraries show up on so maybe that’s an option? I’ve done it once a long time ago and it was seamless and worked on an older Kindle, a Nook, and a generic book app on Android.

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For me it became a usability thing.
Same thing happened for Movies and CDs; I’d stock bookshelves full of them, then I went Plex. Then I’d spend thousands on really well made hardcovers, and fill bookshelves with actual books… Then Kobo and Calibre came along.

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That’s what I do already. But how do I then read the book on my other tablet? Then later on my phone, then yet again from my other computer when I’m on the road? Bonus, each device syncs and picks up where I left off from the last device. That’s the advantage of a system like Kindle or Google books.

In hindsight there is an ereader that runs Android, I should have gone with that as it’s fairly easy to load PDF and epub to Google book accounts.

Calibre has been coming up in my searches, but th YouTube tutorials are really dated, I got the impression it’s not supported much anymore. Will have to look into this more with regard to Kobo and how to securely host. I like self hosting projects so this tickles me.

I can say that it works pretty well, tried spinning it up for myself (after writing that comment) and found it’s easy-ish (depending on how familiar you are with self-hosting that is). I think it would tick some of your boxes for you, I can’t test the “pick up where you left off” feature at all, but I’d imagine it’s solid, if it exists… make a blog post if you do it, it’d be enjoyable to read!

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How is this so hard to understand?? Put the file on Mega, Google Drive. Literally any file service and you can access the file from any device.

Kobo cannot access Google drive

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Wtf are you high??? You copy and paste the book file to Google drive from your computer… Do I need to provide pictures for this?

I think it’s been obvious in this thread sharing isn’t the only feature being looked at when comparing to a cloud service that not only shares but syncs activity and notes, highlights etc. Also you come off young and argumentive, go to some other thread if you are looking for some kind of tick for tack sh$t posting.

Im not trying to argue you just dont understand the basics of how a file works. Was trying to help you but I give up.

Programming bundle is up

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Is legit? Has a college book pdf pretty cheap, site gives me the chills, wish I had a virtual CC option via an FCU I already deal with but they don’t offer it, and pre-paid will get here too late.

I found out about, and it’s ‘free’ because they get the 3% transaction fee. Reddit seems to confirm, legit. Awesome idea and perfect for situations like this where I don’t want a site to have my CC and address.

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Setup an account to buy that strangely well-priced book pdf, worked, stoked with