The ebook thread

So I finally got some e-ink to not fill shelves with books. I got a Kobo specifically to make uploading easier than Amazon- and on that note I propose a thread dedicated to posting those sweet epub/pdf deels out there.

I’ll start, a good python book that is free.

Both epub and PDF. Strangely the epub did not load into Google books (fails) but the PDF does. To the kobo’s credit, both loaded up fine.

I’ve seen a number of linux, programming etc book bundles listed in various threads here, lets light this up!


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Humble Bundle, specifically the humble book bundle, often have deals on tech related books. Got a nice stash of e-books from there.

Slightly off topic

I’ve got one of those Kobo e-readers too (aqua 2 I think), in the settings you can enable beta features including a web browser which is really fun to mess around with on an e-ink display!


Yeah Humble Bundle came up a lot when I searched this forum for the mentions I’ve seen in the past- unfortunately the windows closed already. But I will be ready to pounce when new ones come up- I’ll be keeping an eye out for @AnotherDev and @SgtAwesomesauce 's recommendations as I’m interested in powershell, various coding languages, active directory, bash, *nix etc to get loaded up.


Do you want a list of stuff? What programming languages?



Python mostly. I want to get stronger on PowerShell, Bash and SQL (SQL in hopes of understanding Splunk Processing Language better). Java script comes up a lot in my quest, so thats a good catch as well. Oh, a good regex book would be awesome too.

I have a physical copy of wicked cool shell scripts, but a digital copy would be nice. Looks like I’m parting with $15 at the least.

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Hoping a bundle comes up with powershell.

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Python you say? :thinking:


I just got a Kobo as well… I’ve had to empty my bookshelves and get rid of hundreds of books over the last few years because I just keep buying them. So this should help me keep my collection down to the important ones. And the whole not having to spend upwards of $8 just to try a book out is the biggest benefit.

Also fits in my pocket easily and can read whenever.

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Wow that’s allot of python haha

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Yup, more Python that anyone should need, but well worth $15 if you’re looking for Python books. I bought a hard-copy of Fluent Python last year and just that alone cost about $40.

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I intend on getting the whole bundle when I get home. Like jogging or working out to make gains, I need to read more so that I can read a few hours a day without it feeling like such a hard task.

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Got it.

So now hoping for a regex, powershell and maybe even zfs bundle. Have they been known to do security or pentesting type bundles as well?

Saw this on Twitter

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No Starch publishes some great stuff :ok_hand:

Half the books I was meh about, but for the price I threw down, so the Kobo’s library grows some more.

Why are you paying for ebooks?

At that price I don’t mind vs. spending time trying to find free ones + I feel the writers should get some kind of money as well. I have some free books as the authors post them up to be free/intend them to be free.

I agree, thats why I download the free version. Which is as easy to find as googling the name of the book +epub. Then if I enjoy it I go buy the physical where they get more money…

Sadly however most the books I want to read are so far out of print or cost ridiculous amounts of money or just cant be bought anywhere anymore I have to download them from websites.

Most the times theyre getting pennies for ebooks and the fact that an ebook is the same if not more than a physical copy I find it hard to justify.

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I’m trying to avoid physical copies but some of the books I want are cheaper printed than epub, or just availible via Amazon/Kindle and I really want to avoid their walled garden. So end result, I’m still acquiring some physical books though I really don’t like to. A part of me just wants to spend the money + give into the darkside and just be in the Kindle garden and completely paper free. Another plus of going Kindle is the easy access to the book from all of my devices. The Kobo comes with compromises in that area just to avoid Amazon.