The CommuniTek 0000: Hold My Beer While I Fix The Tek

Wow really after it was linked in English a few time you link the non English article in the Sharp 8k monitor.

Its in the random hardware post for people that like to read news rather than look at news.

gg wan show doc

Or you could fix it yourself, we have lead privs. Since it is suppose to be a "community" tek, just get permission from @kewldude007 and edit it.

I fixed it fam

On your next one, I might help out by adding additional formatting to make it easier to read. Oh and you missed one:


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Ik, but I prefer the OP to do it, rather not interfere with how they want to post it. Just personal preference on my part.

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and that is why you fail as a dictator!

I'll take that as a compliment lol


Windows 10 losing business share makes me happy.

Lets hope it continues, and snowballs on them.

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Very kewl, thanks for the compilation.


The CommuiTek 0000: Hold My Beer While I Fix The Tek

got any topics to talk about?

we need more than just wan show stuff


amd confirming some Zen specs?

shiny monitor that is 31.5-inch 144Hz Freesync


LTT didn't cover either of these AFAIK

yes that


Zen 32 Core CPU Benchmarks

@kewldude007 N O D E has an interesting weekely tech news show for more news stuff.

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