The CommuniTek 0000: Hold My Beer While I Fix The Tek

I'm starting a thread series in light of recent things

since there was no Tek last week, I'm making a thread with THIS WEEKS WAN show articles

and yes there are probably threads about some of these already, too bad, I will do this every week there is no tek

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^you wont see any of this intro jargon next time

Google Event 4th October

Post-Recall Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fire on Southwest Airlines Flight

Samsung wants you to appear in Note 7 advert after recall debacle

Apple Patents Fingerprint Sensor That Works Through Displays

Washington State Gambling Commission Orders Valve To Stop Skin Gambling Via Steam

Kaby Lake support is official, ASUS releases UEFI updates their LGA 1151 boards

Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.20 GHz

Single-Core Score ___Multi-Core Score


Capcom's Street Fighter V installs hidden rootkit on PCs

Oculus Rift has a new minimum spec

Nvidia 960 or greater (down from Nvidia GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater)

Intel i3-6100 / AMD FX4350 or greater (down from Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater)

Windows 10 went from 22.99 percent globally, to 22.53 percent, a drop of 0.46 percentage points

. It’s important to remember that NetMarketShare measures usage (people actually using the operating system, rather than having it installed),

Blizzard has issued a statement denying that Tom Chilton provided the 10.1 million subscriber number to the magazine. "This was a misquote, or some kind of misunderstanding on the part of the journalist," a rep said. "Our policy for almost a year now is that we do not talk about subscriber numbers, and Tom did not do that with this publication."

Researchers use novel materials to build smallest transistor with 1-nanometer carbon nanotube gate

Mafia 3 runs at 30 fps on PC, but a post-launch patch is in the works

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti confirmed to feature GP107 GPU

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with GP107 GPU pictured

Amazon bans reviews based on free or discounted products

8K 120Hz HDR IGZO Monitor

warning, text is not english

AMD reportedly launching Zen and X370 motherboards at CES

Nike Has Self-Tying Shoes


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Well i learned something never knew what skin betting was. Its funny how illegal stuff always finds its ways XD


"It is inherent in human nature to gamble & deceive " - Presidential Elections 2016


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Im looking foward to al that zen stuff.

Meh on the pixel phone.

And where is the science?

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Do you have AMD confirmed Zen to have a 32core 64thread server cpu? No other specs really but it's now officially a thing

Understood, definitely like the concept!

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8k 120hz is probably doubling the frames instead of rendering 120 unique frames. tv manufacturers pull this shit and advertise 120 or 240 frames! but it's "frame 1 frame 1 frame 2 frame 2 frame 3 frame 3......"

ctrl+x, ctrl+v, ctrl+x, ctrl+v, ctrl+x, ctrl+v, ctrl+x, ctrl+v, ctrl+x, ctrl+v, ctrl+x, ctrl+v, ctrl+x, ctrl+v, ctrl+x, ctrl+v

pretty much my last 5 minutes


maybe to late now but in powershell you can us Batch to do that. in like 1...nvm.

Thumbs up if you're reading this in 2016.