The CommuniTek 0000: Hold My Beer While I Fix The Tek


this is like having 15 shy logans talking to each other, we dont know, and cant present


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Don't know what that means, but this should be pinned lol may as well have someone bring weekly news

we do a new one every week

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Did anyone read the article beforehand? That is what Logan, Qain and Wendell always did. So they at least could think about it off camera.

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that is a major thing that needs to happen

this is just us rambling

10 hours created thread, didn't read articles.

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i did
but im for the most part moderating
and occasionally giving input

yeah this is barely on track

we should have done this on sunday


It's alright.

well its good this is happening anyway. At least something good started.

I keep the discussion semi on track, wander too far and i bring it back

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And I make drunk comments, sometimes thoughtful.

at least I think so.

Feel free to kick me. I'm happy to just have named the first episode lol


I feel like that wasn't completely terrible. We do need to figure out some method of deciding who talks and when.

I am thinking we need a moderator, in stream. Who decides who introduces a topic, reads off pertinent information, and then decides who talks and when. Perhaps via a /roll system. The moderator could be randomly decided as one person out of the group that happens to be present for that episode.

Although, if @wendell or @DeusQain were present for that episode, it would default to one or either of them. (unless they wanted someone else to do that.

For deciding who talks, a simple /roll of 1-100 would decide who talks and in what order.

Just a thought. It would be slower, but unique.


I want to talk about rumors and leaks in regards to hardware news.


Hopefully we can better organize this next time.


Yeah, working on that. Already have multiple docs and planning set up

Lets organise a meeting for tomorrow.

@kewldude007 @Cavemanthe0ne @HEXcellerate and whoever else.

The docs are listed on the abyss channel now. Maybe we can all find our own articles and vote on them then designate people to talk to on each one? Then it can be roundabout discussion after.

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I'm still not in abyss
so i have no idea what goes on there :P
i made a dedicated Discord server for it as well pm me
(just b/c I dont want randoms in from linking it)