The Coffee Thread

Have you thought about using cloth filters? Although, I don’t know how much of a hassle it is to clean/wash them.

Hah! Rossa was my favorite one too, until I started buying coffee from a small coffee shop, with weird natural hazelnuts flavor.

It might be an interesting try, but I’m not sure how much of a difference it would make, because the oils should just seep through the seams, just like on the thin holes in the metal.

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I decided to try the metal filter again today, I still have about 2 months of coffee filters I think. I forgot how thin the holes in the metal filters were, you can barely see through them. You can only see them if you look straight through them.

I ground the coffee like usual, just for the lulz, extra fine. I noticed a few very fine “dust” particles (likely coffee grounds, I do wash my mug and press and everything after each use) floating in my coffee, but I drank them in the first sip. I feel almost no difference in the coffee. It does feel a tad more bitter, but not by much.

You can still feel a bit of the dirt / acidic taste of the Peru beans. I count 30 seconds starting with pouring the water, then start pressing slowly, gets to about 40. If I start pressing at 20 seconds, it’s less strong and gets more of the natural flavors of the beans, but I need something to wake me up, not to taste good.

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Speak of the devil…
Never used a manual grinder before, happy to try for free. Grab before it gets fixed(if you’re in the US).

Edit: to clarify, do not give them any more information than needed. This could just end up being one of those address scraper deals where nothing shows up and they keep your data. Junk e-mail/address ideal

Today I have ground my beans a bit coarser, about 5 clicks, or a quarter spin of the grinder setting (not that this is saying anything, I don’t remember how many grind levels it had). The coffee tastes completely different, in the sense that it doesn’t have that burnty taste anymore.


Shaking off dust, in using this bugger… I needed a second take


Correction: the dust particles were actually oil floating on top of the water / coffee. I forgot to add it here. It makes sense, the grounds tend to sync. There are some very, very fine coffee grounds that sync to the bottom, but you can’t even tell them from the coffee, only when there’s like 2 drops of coffee left you can notice the grounds drying on the bottom, it almost looks like cocoa powder.

It makes sense, because the paper filter was blocking the coffee oils from going in the mug.

Those are called, ‘fines’.

They’re almost unavoidable but better grinders will typically have less of them.

Also, if you don’t already know. You should use a spray bottle with water to spritz the beans before you grind them (or use a few drops of water). This helps with managing fines to not clog up your grinder, as the slight increase in moisture will prevent static electrical buildup.

A relatively minor procedure but it has immediately noticeable affects.

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My steel grinder should not be combined with water. But I always clean it after each use with a paintbrush that came included with it, it gets pretty deep in the grinder, does a really good job. As for electrostatic, I don’t think it’s an issue in my case, to me it looks like drier beans stick less than the oilier beans. And the beans I’ve been getting are pretty oily, which makes brushing them off a bit tedious, but nothing too bad, I can be done with cleaning the aeropress and the grinder faster than I would have cleaned my french press back when I had one.

Right… Lavazza Oro then…
Made a nice foam on top, it have a lot of flavor, it’s absolutely fine.
I must get some Rossa to compare directly, but I enjoy this one. For cheap daily - absolutely fine.

PS: Now that I gave it a minute to sit and rest and added some sugar to it - I am not so sure I like it as much…