The Cheese Thread

So one of the great achievements of is Cheese  it goes with nearly everything.

Cheese pairs great with Beer. I love camembert paired with a Belgian triple. A sweet fruity Cheese goes great with Porters. Blue Cheese with IPAs is a killer combo.

So Tek denizens what are your favorite cheeses and what do you like to pair it with?


cheese is really bad for you.

So? I would rather enjoy myself than live forever.

Also I am not advocating eating it all the time, it is a treat.

I eat about a pound of cheese a week or so. I really am a fan of white cheddar, and horseradish cheddar.

nothing beats a really REALLY good grilled cheese sandwich.

smoked cheddar is really good with sliced apple or pear.

I also love halloumi and saganaki

Flaming cheese the most metal of cheeses!

Not all too experienced with cheeses but I do love hickory smoked gouda

Bacon Cheese!

whats bad about it? it's delicious and low carb, right?

That goat cheese doe.

I am a firm believer that melted cheese can make ANY food taste better. 

I enjoy a fine Irish vintage white cheddar  on lightly salted crackers  with a little bit of onion chutney or red onion pickled in cider vinger  or Red Cheddar infused  with jalepeno's  on some salted nachos  garnished with fresh habaneros , salsa and a smidgen of sour cream. or when im in france i just eat whatever Cheese is there unless it comes from a goats tit.

Ireland has fairly good cheese wexford white cheddar is to die for.

I am also an advocate of cheese before bed,

Sweet dreams are made of Cheese

 Who am I to Disagree
 I travel the world and the seven Bries
 Everybody's looking for cheeses




+1 Tek for you.

Why is cheese bad for you? The aged stuff has no lactose, it's protein and fat (much better for you than carbs) etc. What could be wrong?

What is your favorite Cheese? We should have a food pairing Video.

Mother Of God.

Favorites? I love very aged cheddar (2-4 years). I have some of that almost every day. The other daily cheese is standard (and pungent goat chevre). 

Other favorites: gruyere, brie, gouda, dorset, camebert, etc.

Fresh Brie is my favorite. But, i always have to have Cracker Barrel Vermont* Sharp White Cheddar when I go for a hike in the winter time. Along with some summer sausage. The BEST!

I don't know whether it's available in America, but I love our Aussie 'King Island Camembert Cheese' (and it is yummy with a beer)


Woooooo! I'm assuming +1 tek is greater than a 1000 internets if not more.