The Best Retro Games That Are Still Worth Playing | WASD 0018 | Tek Syndicate

Justin, Nate, and Logan sit down to talk about their favorite retro games that they think are still worth playing today. Check out their list. Here is our longer list (below) (covering more than the video):

For the next episode: What is the best unconventional weapon in a game? We aren't looking for guns, knives, or swords.

On air:
Beyond Good and Evil

Full Throttle

Thief Gold & Thief II
Deus Ex


Another World

Earthworm Jim

Worms World Party

Alpha Centauri

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

System Shock 2

vampire the masquerade - bloodlines

Thief Gold


Heroes of Might and Magic 3

The Dig

Curse of Monkey Island

Max Payne

Full Throttle


Fallout 1 and 2

Star Ward Jedi Outcast




Red Faction 1


Rayman 2

Planescape: Torment

Icewind Dale


The Longest Journey

Doom I and II

Console games to emulate

Super Metroid


Marki Kart

Samurai Showdown 4: Samurai Spirits

Zelda II

Zelda OOT

Zelda Majora's Mask
Justin's Choices for On-Air


Star Wars Battlefront II

Diablo II
PC Games Choices

Legacy of Cain: Soul Reaver

Freedom Force

Final Fantasy VI


Virtual On

Baldur's Gate


Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Day of the Tentacle

Black & White

American McGee's Alice
Console Choices

Pokemon Emerald Version

Mariokart 64

Altered Beast

Super Mario RPG

TMNT IV: Turtles in Time

Any Zelda Game except II

Super Metroid

Base Wars
Nate's List:

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

The Chronicles of Riddick

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Wendell.....we miss you :*(


Why not Zelda II? It's better than Skyward Sword at least, in my opinion. Even though it is hard as shit.

wendellbot is dying....

also no list @wendell

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I like this kind of content. More old PC game recommendations plz

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After watching the video, I have to say..... why no beer?!?!

Wasn't to bad, though Nate looked like he was having a bad day in the beginning, also I still don't like how bright the set is. But the games are one point, pretty much a list I would have made. And the fact you have black and white in box on the table and on the list made me happy. I agree with Nate, escape from butcher bay is epic.

Good job @Logan and crew... but need more GPU coasters and some beer you coffee/tea drinking hippies!!!! lol joking...but really

Pretty Good Content.

My favorite retro game is Interstate '76. I played multiplayer on AOL dialup for hours. I recently found my 1997 CD and spent an hour to get it running on Win10. Game play was still epic but the 1990's graphics were very low polygon.

As for odd weapons all I can think of is Bulletstorm.
Number 1 - is Das Boot. I can't think of any other game where your get to kick enemies into jagged rebar and cactus spines.

Number 2 - is the sniper rifle. As long as the crosshairs are red, you can fire without aiming too closely. When the bullet gets close the mouse goes slo-mo and you can steer your bullet around corners to nail the bad guys trying to dodge your shot right in the ass. Headshots are too easy. I always tried for the 'Rear Entry' skillshot points.

Number 3 - I found the grenade launcher highly effective. It fires two grenades connected by a chain like a South American Bolo. I love getting the grenades to wrap around a bosses head and explode a crater in his neck hole.

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For odd weapons two games come to mind. First is that south park first person shooter.

Snowballs you could pee on for extra damage at the expense of speed.

Toilet Plunger Launcher.

Alien Dancing Gizmo. Makes people start dancing for like 10 seconds while you shoot them.

The Cow Launcher. You hit people with it and the see the cows ass before you die. It was great to see the cow coming down on people.

Second game is postal 2.

Boomerang Machete

Can of gas and matches

Diseased Cow Head(made people throw up blood then die from memory)

Using a cat as a silencer

While not a weapon per say if you put on a police uniform and started attacking people in front of cops they would join in if I remember right.

Duke 3d had the freeze gun which was amazing in multiplayer. If you hit someone flying with a jet pack they would crash into the ground and shatter. The shrink ray was pretty funny as well.

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More goofy weapons in games.

Dead Rising had that drill and bucket combo.

A bunch of the stuff from Worms(super sheep ftw)

The dildo bat from saints row(the penetrator)

Dubstep gun from saints row

Sniper chicken from the above south park game

TimeSplitters had:
A Brick you throw at people which hurt them:

paintball mode
exploding melons
best of all, the injector:

not to mention all the weird ass characters

I fucking hate crytek, they refuse to make a new game of it because it is not a good selling brand apparently.

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Didn't mind the video, my only gripe is Nate 'folding his arms' for the duration of the video.

This makes Nate seem like he is 'dis-enfranchised' or 'aloof' from the other two video-presenters.

I love Justin's presentation-style he is dynamic, and full of energy in the role of video-presenter.

IT gets edited after the fact to add the details atm. I added the list for you.

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I am currently playing through The Operative: No One Lives Forever. Which is a first-person shooter released in 2000, similar to 007 Goldeneye on the N64.

After that I think I will play through the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, like Nate said.

If I had to recommend a game it would be Soldier of Fortune, which is a first-person shooter released in 2000.

Also, I would personally swap Worms World Party (on your list) to Worms Armageddon. As they are both very similar, but I think Worms Armageddon has a bigger player base.

Oh yeah and Ubisoft is currently giving away Beyond Good and Evil.

Hitman really did it for me. Hitman Blood Money is one of my personal GOAT's.
I really loved Unreal Tournament 2004 too. One of the first online multiplayer games I played.
So many good memories. So much better than today.
Morrowind is easily my favourite RPG, the open worldliness is what I had always been looking for in a game like that. Prior to that the Forgotten Realms Pools of Radiance is one I have fond memories of. That and Ultima 8. I think it was 8. There were quite a few..
Of course Deus Ex just goes without saying. Another GOAT!
And ever play Perfect Dark on the N64? Such a great game.


Yeah, sorry about that. I was a bit nervous and the set it kinda cramped so sitting shoulder to shoulder is uncomfortable. Half the time i didn't know where to put my hands ha. Hopefully in the future the set can be a little more spread out and less cramped. Thanks for the input. Appreciated.

Yeah i was a bit cramped and uncomfortable. Maybe if the set is spread out a bit more so we aren't arm to arm next time I'll be more relaxed lol. Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

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You are correct. There needs to be alcohol next time for sure. We didn't have any on hand this time. But next time the beer shall flow.

Nope ! Still dont care. The Nepotism, yo. :)

You did great! One thing I do when I have to do public stuff with my hands (unless I'm standing up) is having a pen or something in my hands so I can have them occupied.

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