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The Beer Garden: What do you drink, and why?



I’m jealous of your Dogfish Head access. It’s rare to see any of those around here.


Non-drinker here. Genuine question, how can you guys drink all these various beverages? the moment i have anything over 3-4% my throat instantly begins to burn. Is it an acquired taste of sorts? how does one not burn their throat?


I suppose it is a bit of an acquired taste. However, I can’t say I’ve ever felt a burning sensation in anything below 15%. What all have you tried?


There was a Dogfish 120 Minute IPA. Thought about getting it, but I know I wouldn’t like it. A shame too, because apparently those are only made a few times a year.


I have temporarily broken the IPA trend with this local beer, Aurox Imperial Stout by Alluvial. 10.7% and breed with a really hefty Maple flavor. It’s amazing but potentially dangerous as it’s not boozy at all.


handful of beers, wines, rum, champagne, various coolers. Only the champagne was drinkable and the ciders/coolers are barely drinkable for me.


This sounds like a sensitivity to something else in the drinks if the champagne was tolerable, but damned if I can think of what would be a major difference there. Maybe the yeast used? Champagne yeast is a specific type, and there are beers made with it as well but might be difficult to find.


any particular suggestions for brands?


Found this article with some beers using champagne yeast:

I would guess the Goose Island is going to be the easiest to find (in the US at least).

If you’d said that beer did it alone but not the ciders I’d suspect something like a hop sensitivity or malts perhaps, but the cider just throws that on its head. I’m just throwing something at a wall though, don’t know if it’ll stick.


Either way you’ve given me some stuff to consider so thanks for that


Oh! You could always try sour beers as well, as many do not use traditional yeasts (some do, and sour later post-fermentation), or possibly Belgian lambics. Good luck!



Don’t buy this one, it’s a proper double IPA, bitter (although not harshly so, quite smooth, even flavor throughout), so I don’t think you’d like it.

At 9% ABV it was needed during tax prep.



Having another one… Ugh. I just feel dirty.


Had to grab this beer as it’s limited Edition, and it’s been developed by members of Iron Maiden!
Excellent belgian wheat style style beer.


Second beer of the night, and it’s kind of a strange one. It’s kind of a strange take on a pale barley ale, but has hints of grapes, honey, and saffron. It goes down like beer, but has an after taste closer to champagne. Very delicious and easy to drink.


The new favourite ‘cheap Aldi’ beer. I find the pils a lot nicer than the bog-standard lager, but it’s similarly priced. €3.99 for a four-pack. Lovely cans.


Drove to a nearby brewery (FireTrucker) for the casket release of Pecan Pie Burnout Brown Ale. The smell is amazing, it really is very, very reminiscent of a pecan pie. The flavors are a little more muted, but it’s there. Sweeter than a regular brown ale (they make a standard version of this one as well), it was quite enjoyable.


As a native Cascadian I have a real soft spot for black IPA’s, and this one is pretty damn good:

It’s an imperial black IPA but although it’s got a lot of bitter bite to it (75 IBU’s), it remains fairly balanced for the style, lots of roasty flavors on the uptake with a sharp, pine hoppiness throughout.


This might be something I could try. I’ll look for imperial dark IPA’s at the store next time I go.