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"Windows VM faster than bare metal! for Indigo, 7zip, etc? On the 2990WX, yes. https://forum.level1techs.com/t/threadripper-2990wx-windows-insider-buil... "

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Damn! You sir have convinced me to take a look at Pop OS. I have been sitting tweaking so much power management, GPU support (optimus), and fan profiles forever now and Ubuntu based solutions simply have not worked very well. In fact as much time as I spent customizing my system I think I would trade it in a heart beat if what this video shows is true. Laptops with linux have never been particularly good because kernel devs and distribution communities dont seem to care about laptop hardware as much as the desktop! Thanks for the video!

Heck as far as things go it seems quite superior to Linux Mint and vastly superior to deepin Linux

Didnt see the other thread for the tensor video… but is there a way to test cats per second on the Radeon VII??

I havent found a way it would be nice to know

Yes, rocm … there is a ready to go docker containers

I’ve been running POP_OS since beta. Running 19.04 now and it’s been a great experience. I feel no need to look elsewhere currently for my computing needs.